Home Airsoft Cheaters Barrett (Airsoft game in Greece 17/06/2018)

Barrett (Airsoft game in Greece 17/06/2018)

Barrett (Airsoft game in Greece 17/06/2018)

After quite a while, I’m back in Greece for a game! Today we’re playing in an abandoned military camp. The game today is last minute conquest, the team with the most flags at the end of the round wins.

Additionally, each player has 2 tokens which count as points if captured by an enemy after getting hit. Taking the long way round the field running, we’re now closing in to our enemies flank. Teammate started engaging front, so I look for another way forward to increase the angles they’re being attacked from.

– Inside? (nods yes) – Saw him. While my teammate is keeping their heads down, I’m closing in. Preparing a grenade. Got hit by friendlies. – Building is clear, nearest flag is held by the enemy, and .

.. shit, contact! – Feeling heroic? Want to go capture the flag and revive that friendly while I’m covering? – Where? – Flag is there, friendly there, he got flanked. I’ve got you covered. – You’re clear! Go! – Go go go! – Bandage! – I’m out.

– Off you go then. To avoid engaging head on, I decided to go through the building. – Go, get in. – Can’t get in! – Why? – K. Cover me. – Move, covering. Contact! – Left side! Move! – Aki! Move from the left side, get his tokens.

He’s out, it’s clear. – Moving upstairs. – Crap! I’m an idiot. Sorry. (fired at friendly) Having been gone for a while, and not having properly lubricated my pistol prior, it jammed. Thankfully, just this once, and I did manage to get my target in the first shot.

– Knut! Go downstairs, revive our guys. – Flank from the left and get their tokens. – Say again? – There’s three downed enemies out in the open, we need to get their tokens. – Cover me? – Yeah, go. – Do you know where they are? – Yeah, I saw them.

– Ok, go. – Under fire, hold. – Go! – You got bandages? – Yeah. – Is this where we infiltrated through? – We’ve got at least two alive inside, upstairs should be clear, we threw a grenade. – You’re out, right? (nods yes) – Knut, grab their tokens.

– Friendly! – Shit! Friendly! Did I get you? – Yeah. – Sorry, I’m an idiot. But an accurate one. – Bandage. – All clear! Move in! – Gentlemen, your tokens please. If you like this, click like and subscribe ! And tell your friends! 🙂


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