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Banger Clip Review | Fox Airsoft Product


Hey everyone, today I am going to be reviewing a new product I recently got: The Banger Clip. I purchased this for $20 at Fox Airsoft, a local airsoft store in Colorado. It’s made of kydex and attaches to your gear with a single short Tactical Tailor Malice Clip. It will hold the Thunder B as well as the Airsoft Innovations Tornado grenade. It fits this style of Thunder B without the use of the shock cord retention. It is very secure and you will not be losing your grenade with this. However, if you wish to use a larger grenade like the Tornado grenade or certain Thunder B shells, you can use this shock cord retention strap to hold it in more securely. But that is not necessary with this style of grenade. The main reason I purchased this is because it is much faster to deploy the grenade than if you were using say a double M4 magazine pouch.You can simply pull the grenade off your gear and be ready to use it. Overall, this is a very solid product. If you need something to hold your airsoft grenades, this is definitely a product worth checking out. Thanks for watching! .


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