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Bang For Your Buck: RWA SPS Falcon Co2 Pistol – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

Bang For Your Buck: RWA SPS Falcon Co2 Pistol –  RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

what’s up operators is jet desert fox and you’re watching red wolf TV como estas amigos and welcome to another episode of red wolf TV many amo Tim and today we’re going to talk about the sps Falcon G BB pistol by RW Wave SPS is a Spanish manufacturing company very well known for making Real Steel high-quality raised pistols rwa managed to get the SPS license and decided to go for a tactical flare so let’s get right to it shall we SPS do often double in a tactical carry pistol section in our wa2 wanted to stick to this idea they wanted something more tactical a soft friendly skirmishable and that is exactly what they’ve done with the SPS falcon what we have here is a full metal co2 powered pistol with plastic grips you can find the correct markings on left and right side of a slide as well as the grips in Spain each and every single firearm including airsoft must have a unique and different serial number and rwa made sure that each and every single one of the SPS pistols have a different and unique serial number which is really nice of them it features a diamond pattern grip panel and even the screws replicate what they use on the real steel SPS pistols if you pull the hammer back you can see that that also replicates the SPS style the mag release is a little bit stiff which is a nice feature releasing a 17 round flat based magazine there is also a Picatinny rail underneath all your accessories and serrations on the front and rear of the slide so you can record back depending on your style of play it features a chrome outer barrel and you can take it down like you would a normal 1911 to reveal the hop-up which is right here what I’m not a big fan of is the trigger pull let me show you what I mean it is rather squishy and you can hardly feel that wall I wonder if this will interfere with its performance but there’s only one way to find out and that means taking it to a range but first we shall chrono the thing for the chrono test we’re using pointers and bb’s with co2 gas we are now at a milsim CQB and training centre at that 20 meter range and we’re going to see how the sps falcon handles by clinging those targets over there as per usual but before we start I’d like to mention that we are finally selling g-code Kydex holsters on our website we have a wide selection of them this one’s for the 1911 and the sps falcon fits perfectly side with hardly any wobble though if it does wobble you can always tighten this screw right here but this test is to see what the SPS falcon is all about whoo the recoil on this is actually really good but what I’m not a big fan of is the reloading process this lip here likes to dig into your nails which is fairly painful depending on the co2 capsule you use on average each magazine can go through about 60 bb’s before the gas is completely depleted you’ll start feeling less recoil at about 40 to 45 BB mark so what I’m going to do is showcase more of its recoil by holding out with just one arm and I’m just going to make sure that arm stays completely stiff if you know what I mean I do think the recall is rather impressive if you haven’t noticed my arm fat was shaking back here far more impressive than the Nighthawk custom released a couple years ago not the steel version but the aluminium version before that I think it’s time to see what it’s like hitting a paper target for this test we’re using point three grams Eagles all right let’s have a look at that target so from 20 meters away at a kneeling position with my arms resting on the table accuracy wise it’s not so bad it is pretty decent the problem is that the trigger is still rather squishy if there was a wall I could have made my shots with much more precision anyway there you have it so the RWA sps falcon is not perfect the slide does wobble a little bit as well as the outer barrel the trigger is a little bit squishy it’s really hard to find that wall but what more than makes up for it is its accuracy its recall and that it could shoot consistently at about 380 to 390 FPS for 45 BBS and run out of gas at around 60 that is three whole magazines before you have to switch out the capsule and it fits nicely inside a g-code holster so this cool product as well as the holster be sure to check out our website at wwlp.

com and see you guys on the next episode of red wolf TV if you’d like to know more about milsim CQB and training center i actually reviewed the place and everything will be in the description below pornstache out do subscribe to our channel so you can keep up to date with our latest and coolest videos


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