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Ballistic Ordnance Sound System | B.L. Tech B.O.S.S. Unit – Airsoft GI

Ballistic Ordnance Sound System | B.L. Tech B.O.S.S. Unit – Airsoft GI

that guy’s that things here’s the ever-living let’s get them off yeah good way to your hood hey you guys want to like just press the button and just like hey yeah hey you haiji ITV Bob the axe man he’ll run here with two amazing gentleman from BL Tech out of New Zealand and they have brought a product that I’ve really been awaiting for a couple years now now once you guys introduce yourself to our audience before we go any further hey guys I’ll mock I’m Shane I’m PL tick there you go yeah and I gotta tell you this Boston is a bucket full of fun recently you guys went out to Code Red airsoft park as well as mr.

paintball in San Diego and for what I heard you surprised the players out there with this pretty well is that true that that is true yeah yeah well when you’ve got heat stocking you’ve got people looking around I think we did the job now for those of you who don’t know this is the boss unit that’s the ballistic ordnance sound simulator or sound system cell system system system system we might had a button after four years of development were working on the name but that being said you guys have put a lot of heart and soul into this product and for those of you out there that don’t know I mean this does a fire propane it simulates you know ballistic ordinates sound on the airsoft field for the gun and you can you can change up the rate of fire for this unit as well but once you guys a tell reviewers like you know how you guys get started on this project yeah I think by any is softer but when you go into a gun store for the very first time I mean doesn’t matter how old you are you’re instantly a kid and when you get a gun I mean these things look good they feel good but after about six months of playing airsoft we just realized that these things should be sounding good as well so I think that was definitely the determining factor is after six months of playing we I mean we enjoyed the sport but we wanted to take it to that next metal TV and it does a pretty good job of replicating you know what you would hear like let’s say if someone’s using a blank fire at an airsoft course at an airsoft event you get that feeling that something like some huge action is going off near you so yeah that’s quite quite interesting because um we haven’t actually been around blanks that sound that often I’m we had Putin once and we felt pretty loud but when we actually started using these out in the field we’re getting a lot of comments saying yeah these are really loud these are as loud as blank Smurf am wow that’s that’s that’s really cold I think we’ve made our objective no absolutely I mean and that not only like are these these simulated blanks pretty well is the fact that like this unit right here can hold your tummy earlier on a charge of propane between 2000 and 8000 shots yes that’s correct yeah yeah now single-judge 10 seconds what the pistol mag you’ve got between two tight Delta will now this also has you can change the rate of fire on this so like let’s say your tell me earlier you know let’s say 600 or 800 rounds per minute you can change it to get as close as possible to matching the actual rate of firearm your gun correct correct yep now you also have different firing modes on here like you know like I said earlier if you want to like tone it down to like you’re saying like 50 caliber speed like 600 rounds per minute or lower that’s Co because I mean we don’t want this thing sound like a noisy it’s name for that makes a Celica named Paul I mean this is all part of the emotional experience that we walk with the boss unit so you know this gun is probably doing at least 11 on two rounds per minute right but we don’t want that so we can actually dial it down to 800 at mr.

paintball we thought we’ll just add to the ambience so we had a couple of these guns on it 800 and then we had my particular gun running at about 600 so it sound like 50 Cal Q used to keep it typed out that that duck so yeah lots of variety there with the writer for now another thing I find out really interesting about this is that you know with this sound unit on here it actually changes the psychological effect that it would have on enemy players like some you know just a regular rifleman running at you you know shooting full-auto or an airsoft gun you’re gonna have one reaction but you know someone like shooting full auto with this on there you’re gonna have a distinctively different reaction at least for most players and from what I heard from some of our staff are out there along with Greg Wong and you guys is that you know people would probably be more likely to fall back if you’re advancing on them with this unit yeah I’m to be honest um we’ve always use them as you probably could understand me and we have research yeah we haven’t really appreciated what it’s like to be on the other side what we do know is that when you are actually following the actual unit you do get a most like you know when you’re putting rounds down and it just sounds like a real gun I’ve got the recoil I mean it’s a tremendous experience it’s a you just get so immersed in it and then yeah I mean even the players you know you don’t even have to have a boss system the fact that you’re in a game that has the boss system there’s something taken with it on board as well it’s it’s a great you know changes the emotion the atmosphere for both the player and the shooter ya know I had originally imagined that you know if I had someone with one or two of these on our team and the other shooting I would probably more likely to want to push forward or just it would get my adrenaline up and after you guys were telling me once you start on loading with these people criteria like move forwards go yeah I mean we what we have them that you had six units out in the field and when you play all six on the one side it does sound very intense and like you know when you start pushing you find that your whole team’s pushing behind you what we have done also is actually put three on three so you actually have three on each side and that’s when it gets really confusing because you just don’t know if it’s your team mates at a firing and enemy that’s firing and it just mixes the whole battlefield up it’s it’s pretty cool now there are a lot of features on this boss unit one of which I found particularly interesting is that you need an RFID card to activate this unit now can you tell our viewers why you added that in we don’t want to have people abusing it and it’s a brand new product so I mean people might want to pick up and you know use it or take off with it who knows yes anyone even the person who bought it I mean they might be sensible mature airsoft players but the opportunity for someone else to see that and go actually I want that I’m gonna take it I mean that’s what we want to eliminate so to be able to you know I select the unit have it immobilized as soon as you turn the power off and then have to basically initiate it when you turn the power back on again so you know some takes it they don’t have the NFC Security card effectively it’s thing has been you know that’s immobilized so every time you do a powerup you have to actually initiate it with the NFC Security card so you want to go through that oh yeah sure go for it okay so what we’re doing is we’re just literally going to switch it on now power it up it’s given us two min lights so you buy the aeg gutter gun now it’s not going to do anything you need we cut over it it’s basically accepted it and now you can go through the programming features the startup sequence and it’s basically you’ll see use awesome well uh in addition to you know adjusting fire the RFID card I mean I know you guys are working on like additional features down the line to add into these boss units but that’s I mean of course gonna come after this unit makes it to market oh that’s correct I mean we’ve done a lot of time and money putting into this project to get it to where it is and you know we’ve got to get something back before we can actually keep this project going so yeah this one goes up first we’ll see how it goes and then hopefully if all goes well we can then start developing a new product I just absolutely like I’m just the fact you guys came out this like I’m really excited for anything else you guys have to put up in the future now just for viewers sake I mean do you have can you at least let them know like a rough release date or even like a rough pricing even if you can’t say anything you know testify no no okay okay would no no it’s okay I mean the purpose to come to the US was to establish a partnership you know and without giving too much away we think we’ve done that so you know from this point onwards we have a unit that can be mass-produced and I’m it’s ready to be best produce so I guess it’s basically the time between you know just sitting there partnership up and establishing a supply chain we should start seeing unit of the US market alright so look forward to it next year well yeah it’d be for you guys yet I hope salustiano you hold your breath I have a 703 through my nose which is difficult in another self are you doing so yeah I’m talking the girl new person I’ll leave with this but that being said for those of us like myself that would want to save up for one of these as a rough number that we should save in our bank accounts there is um and you know some people are gonna probably freak out about this but um I mean if we explain it there might actually help and we’re thinking around about the 600 USD mark we know it’s pretty higher but there’s been a lot of R&D gone to that into this project mum it’s I mean it does have a lot of features it’s governed by the actual product itself the way you have to machine it so yeah you know and the difference between work and not working you know is quite a challenge yeah so it ought to be able to maintain that you’ve got to go through you know high precision so hi Rena so it’s high spec yeah now I think also it’s it is pretty good to provide context so for those folks that like you know want to go out and use blank fire at an event like you know you’re gonna have to get a rifle you’re gonna have to write their blankfort after a lot of different things in Austen’s a license but not on top of that like the ammunition for the gun itself or and those are costs are you’re going to continually have where as you know if you say spend $600 or even if the price gets over it a little bit you know this is a one-time cost and then propane is cheap which is propane is where you’re going to fill this up with so I mean to get like two to eight thousand shocks out of a unit we’re you’re only going to have a one-time operating cost well that’s that’s if you’re up things like buying a brand new car not going order paying for gas I mean you just you just run it yeah it’s yes it’s not a problem it is cheap air mm well I’m very much looking forward to seeing a lot more of these out and milsim events I mean obviously you know people can’t just like walk around just like any airsoft gun they can’t just use these anywhere they please but you know an indoor courses at outdoor courses like mr.

paintball I mean I think this is really gonna add a lot to the game and make people feel a lot more like they’re in their favorite movie or favorite video game oh we hope so yeah that’s exactly why we made it yeah I mean when we solve this first before mercy and this is the reason why we did that so we understand I’m a product point of view it’s about basically bringing the level of experience in the near self game to that next level so we hope it’s going to be real well I think I think you guys have a product that will do that I think it’s really cool to that you know you guys aren’t like some huge corporation you guys are for those you guys know these are brothers these are identical twin brothers or as close to identical twin as you can get as the joke you made earlier haha Kusum identical but but yeah I mean you guys are like a huge corporation you’re like you know your two brothers work together to try and you know improve the sport and make it more immersive and more interesting so yeah I guess um we’ve been surrounded by some really awesome people this product wouldn’t be a reality if it wasn’t for those people around us also the community I mean obviously relies heavily on the airsoft community their feedback as to whether or not we actually I’m going to continue with this product so having all that feedback when we did the cringe back the very first video that we did you know having all that feedback just said right there’s a product here there’s a market here so let’s push into it and see what we can do and this is where we are today so thank you very much absolutely well guys thank you so much for coming up being with us today I think you really appreciate you letting me keep this thing for myself no just kidding but yeah thanks for coming out thank you for showing us this thanks for visiting the US and I am just so excited to see more players reactions to this product so thank you oh absolutely and make sure to StayTuned airsoft yeah all of our social media because we’re going to track the product of the track the progress of this product as it comes to market and I can’t wait to see more news out about this soon once again about the x-men hillebrand and this is GI TV totally leaving with this now one question we hear at airsoft gee I get asked a lot is what is the best gun and the answer is there is no best gun it’s honestly what’s best for you as a player now if you’re just getting an airsoft don’t forget to save money in your budget for necessities such as eye protection BBS or a battery and a charger if the gun you’re buying doesn’t come with one the real firearm dan Wesson 715 is a modernisation of the classic model 15 dan Wesson revolver now the blueprints and dimensions have been provided to action sport games by and Wesson themselves to create a very faithful replica airsoft pistol


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