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[B416B (Bolt Devgru) – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[B416B (Bolt Devgru) – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi all and welcome to this review of the B416B from Bolt Airsoft with Colombi Sport partnership First point i noticed when I received this bb gun Is the stock difference between the box illustration and the real bb gun On the box we can see a crane type stock and the bb gun in the box has a Vltor type stock I found one explication by going on Bolt Japan website where an HK416D Devgru bb gun is announced Packaging would then be the same and the main difference would be the stock Furthermore, Colombi Sports confirmed me that this was their demands I also found an illustration of an HK416D Devgru in TAN color We can then suppose that a TAN color version of the B416 could be available in a near future in France Bb gun is provided in very beautiful box All inscriptions are English written excepting one sticker in French, reminding safety instructions regarding bb guns Good point, inside the top cover, extra protections have been added at strategic places First, inside you will find two Bolt Airsoft stickers and one patch A very complete and very good illustrated user manual French written Content is very well written and an exploded view of the bb gun is available in last pages Unfortunately, all illustrations reference a crane type stock as on the box You will also find a shooting test report Here, the bb gun obtained an average result of 338 FPS for velocity Provided magazine is a metal high capacity one The little accessories box contains extra wire cables This Bolt Airsoft box looks like a Marui one, the bb gun is fixed with 2 velcro attachs After Removing them, you will access the B416B bb gun This bb gun is provided with a standard Devgru silencer with quick detach system Silencer and body of the bb gun are metal made Non metal parts are the front grip, the pistol grip and the stock Markings are painted Selector switch markings are also engraved On the front, you will find one ambidextrious sling attch A second one on the stock tube A simple one on the stock And finally, an ambidextrious quick detach sling attach system on the stock On the handguard, four standard RIS rails are available Firing mode selector postions are well marked It is not ambidextrious but a visual indicator is available on the other side Bolt catch is a fake one and won’t move Charging handle can move and will opens the ejection trap window You will then access to hop-up unit The adjustment wheel is a G36 type one, it will be very appreciated to easy adjsutments Aiming sights are the same than real steel and can be adjusted If you don’t like it, you will be able to remove it The very well finished metal silencer can be easily be re-installed on the bb gun To remove it, don’t forget to push the locking button After removing silencer only three or four times, you can already notice some wear markings The flash hider can be removed thanks to only one screw And you can have a look on inner barrel Front grip can be adjusted When correctly tightened, no move can be detected A litlle closing case is available on the sotck This last one can be adjusted by pushing down on the handle The high capacity metal magazine is well finished and can be filled with 300 bbs Magazine can be inserted correctly but some move from front to rear can be noticed Owner of the gun told me about some shooting issues He had to sometimes, push forward the magazine to shoot correctly But during shooting tests, i never met such issues with standard magazine No problem to eject magazine Owner of the gun uses Kyou Airsoft mid-cap magazines and has no issues, even if some moves can still be observed The battery on this model fits in the buttstock It is attached by a hook below I was upset regarding this one but no problem it is strong metal made As you can see, available space for battery is very small Only small LiPo batteries can fit in Reason is simple and is under the stock The recoil shock system (B.

R.S.S.) is in the stock tube and then, cannot received a battery Battery connection type is mini Tamiya Two empty tubes are available on the sides of the stock and can also be totally removed For information, my battery is 10.

5 cm long, it is just enough if you don’t like this configuration, you can change the wire connections of this gun to the front in order to use, for example, an external battery case You would be able to follow the user manual instructions to help you in the process I’m used to Bolt Airsoft bb guns and every time i enjoy a lot B.

R.S.S. recoil shock system During firing trigger course test, i observed a strange phenomen I my firing selector is on semi automatic and i press slowly on trigger The bb gun shoots in automatic firing mode at mid course If you pressed the trigger firmly, no problem Visually and to the touch, this B416B is splendid We quickly forget minor issues when we see the good results of the firing test grouping and excellent finishing of this B416B bb gun Thank you for watching, if you like this review, please subscribe, see you in a next video


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