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[B4 Keymod Rebel – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[B4 Keymod Rebel – Bolt Airsoft] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi all and welcome to this presentation of the B4 Keymod Rebel from Bolt Airsoft Before starting, a big thank you to Cyril and Colombi Sports for their support by providing me with the test copy of this video You can find this replica in 2 colors: a mix tan and black And black, like my test copy This B4 Keymod Rebel is delivered in a beautiful box rich in information We will find there, the references of the replica, the traditional warning messages on the practice of airsoft in France And an explanation of the Bolt Airsoft recoil simulation system: the B.

R.S.S., of which this one is equipped. Inside, a small visit in the lid will show that plastic protections are present to cushion shocks at strategic locations Regarding Content, we first find a manual only in French It is very complete but this is a pity that it is so generic, especially for the exploded view schema of the replica Then we find a firing test report before sending Bolt Airsoft stickers In a cardboard box, we find the magazine And a set of cables and additional connectors for the replica And we find to finish, the B4 Keymod Rebel bb gun Like most of the brand’s models, the replica is held by Velcro fasteners in the box and placed in a simple cardboard slot Attached to the replica, we will also find a patch with the name of the brand and the B.

R.S.S. system At the material level, it is metal for the upper and lower body The hand guard And the whole flash hider/outer barrel set For the rest, it’s good quality plastic for stock The pistol grip And the magazine Airsoft markings are painted or engraved according to their location On the stock, there will be an ambidextrous location for a QD system and 2 holes to attach a sling There will be 2 other QD attachment slots on each side of the handguard And a last one is located at the base of the stock tube The pistol grip offers a very slight relief on the front part A set of Keymod rails are available on the sides of the handguard and the underside On the entire upper length, it is a classic rail RIS that is present The replica has a specific solidarity flash hider/outer barrel set that seems to be able to be disassembled The aiming sights are flip up type and adjustable These can be removed if desired The firing mode selector is not ambidextrous, the notches are correctly marked The replica has a mobile bolt system but no stop mechanism for it It will be necessary to keep the lever pull back to keep this one open and be able to access the adjustment wheel of the hop-up unit The bolt catch lever on the other side is therefore dummy The stock is adjustable in several positions And you will have noticed that like other models of the brand that I was able to test, Colombi Airsoft chose to modify stock model compared to the international version In the image, I show you the location of the counter weight of the recoil simulation system It is in the stock tube so do not expect to put battery inside The stock ends with a rubber pad and is embossed An hole on the top is present but the numbering is absent on the tube To install the battery, remove the butt plate by pressing 2 pins We then access to the mini Tamiya connectors type Not much room for the battery, it will be necessary to use the side compartments mainly For my part, I managed to insert a stick 7.

4V Lipo battery But the replica is advertised as supporting 11.1V if you find a compact size The magazine eject button is on the right side only The exit and entry of this one is done without worries The supplied magazine is a good quality ABS mid-cap with markings Its capacity is 140 bbs In play, the replica is pleasant and manageable thanks to its compact size On the other hand, it is a little heavier than other models of the same type because of its metal finish and the presence of the counter weight of the B.

R.S.S. system On the other hand, the sensasion of recoil is a treat In conclusion, Bolt Airsoft offers us here a very good compact replica with an excellent finish The characteristics and sensations of shots in standard are also very good thanks to the presence of the high-torque motor, the very good precision barrel But also thanks to the presence of the B.

R.S.S. system which simulates very well the recoil If you are looking for a compact recoil shock version replica, this B4 Keymod Rebel will be a very good choice for you Thank you for watching this video If you also have this replica or if you want to exchange on this one, feel free to use the comments Also remember to subscribe to my various social media to not miss any new video, follow my news and bring your support And I’ll see you soon, in a new video


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