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B01 Monteiro Airsoft Loadout [English Subs] [Gear Overview] [Multicam Loadout]

B01 Monteiro Airsoft Loadout [English Subs] [Gear Overview] [Multicam Loadout]

Hi I’m Hugo Monteiro B01 from Besta Airsoft Team And i’m here to show my multicam loadout Starting with my primary It’s a G&G Predator On the back i have the original stock stock with a costum cover by 3Dsoft I also have the TUC system Original iron sights An Aim O T1 Here it’s my An-PEQ from FMA With flashlight and green laser Front sight Here the yellow flash hider that unfortunately is mandatory by law as for internals when i bought the weapon i made only two upgrades wich was the Airsoft Pro red Hop up and the ultra high speed gears 12:1 from G&G but last week i had a malfunction so i installed the flat hop from prometheus and a SHS piston and SHS piston head and that’s it as far as my primary for my helmet it’s an emerson base jump on the front i have my Go Pro here a voodo tactical patch a night evolution helmet light with white, red and IR light for comms i have the opsmen earmor M32 headset here a fake MS2000 with a powerbank inside for my camera on this side my team number on the top my red v lite so that my opponents can see if i’m dead at night and a TMC mesh multicam helmet cover i made a mod on the inside i put some FMA foam pads for more comfort during the game moving to my plate carrier it’s CPC from TMC in coyote brown on the top i have my TUC here i have the elastic mag pouchs from 8 field they work just fine here my PTT for the earmor on the sides i have.

.. two caribeners for my tape and gloves here some lightsticks and one mag pouch on each side if i need extra ammo during the game on the back… i have an assault panel in it i have the source hydration bladder 1 LT and here i have my Midland G9 radio that’s in a 5.

11 radio pouch for my first line i use the paladin belt form grey ghost gear here the tacos from HSGI for my pistol mags a safety lanyard from warrior assault systems a 5.11 medic pouch a Kydex holster for my Tokyo marui glock 17 for the grenades i have a 5.

11 flashbang pouch for my thunder B and here for my tornado a 3Dsoft holster for the uniform i use invader gear it’s a good multicam replica the fabric is very nice and comfortable for gloves i use the mechanix M-pact i prefer bulky gloves i don¬īt have issues with dexterity and for those who like less thiner gloves it¬īs a good option regarding the pants they are also from invader gear they are gen 2 i switched the kneepads for the emerson gen 3 they are softer and comfortable not so good for impacts as the original invader ones the multicam is very nice and they are affordable for boots i went with lowa i like the color it goes well with multicam they have gore tex inside and they are very comfortable the price is not too bad and i recommend them this was my multicam loadout i hope you liked the video any questions just put them on the comment section thanks!


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