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August 2015 Airsoft Loadout

August 2015 Airsoft Loadout

sup YouTube Luke back again this is my loadout video because I would have got a lot better and i haven’t even not uploaded the lodi video so I’m gonna start from down here going up I’m just wearing some tan pants it’s by the way for a second some tams hands and formatting pouches go to dump pouch and they travel a holster that’s holding a hole up holding a took you a week hi capa that good crystal all right put that back in the drop leg okay going through my chest my plate carrier is a LBX 0094 in multicam just give this couple days ago I love it so far nothing on the back yet I like on the sides which will probably say the same because keep it low profile um my primary is d it wasn’t elite force and four but I bought it like a telecraft onto it metal upper MFR rail built-in suppressor the lead horse cranes to hook good stuff anything wrong with it is that still works fine great hop-up got a leaf work make a pin it right there um running 8m three flashlights it’s pretty great state I’m so obviously t1 tan my primary it’s got a miracle barrel in it and read bucking from Mad Bull and a gingy unit in nub record umbrella reckon umbrella to my head uh these are lantern at school flapjack knockoffs and just a match that zip tied on because I have cool friends I help me with things and they help me do this taking that off my head is a TMC airframe with the Lancer tactical and the cover because I’m broke I’m not gonna buy the car i won um got a shroud on they’re just regular in BG shroud counterweight pouch with be those things they’re like actual metal weights yeah that’s that and even though it’s not real multicam it’s decent and people they say there’s doesn’t fit right there on the cover which mine fits fine so I don’t know Oh so that is the lid at the bungees on my neck i’m running a milspec monkey Spartan Spartan logo faith ramp it’s pretty good carry spare mag on my drop leg tonight Marie I have more Maddox but I just carried two on me in the plate carrier I’m gonna leave like BAM flags they’re like really cheap knockoffs of pmags and they’re like that’s like a print out my camera’s not focusing but it’s like print it in there so yeah what are you gonna do um running medium plates it takes larger high spot mediums pretty good shoulder straps running just a brownish shirt um yeah I guess that was my loadout for august of 2015 benya um it’s about it so and I’ll probably have a buddies up loud that about a buddies a lot of uploaded soon he’s got pretty dope Laura he runs a jpc cuz he’s a little skinnier than I am and yeah um like comment and subscribe for more videos and see you later


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