English subtitles available Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today you will be able to discover a product of the APS brand which is the ASR 110D AEG GEARBOX HYBRID Blowback This replica has been on the market for over a year but very little known to players despite an attractive look and a very interesting tailoring Let’s start by detailing the APS package, which includes the replica, its HIGH CAP 330 bbs charger, A kit of rails and screws a stripping rod, a bag of balls, an APS manual and a guide for mounting the rails No visual of the replica on the cardboard, and summary packaging but sufficient for delivery Now let’s move on to the exterior features of this rather aggressive looking AEG From the outset, this replica attracts the attention and attention of those who are not familiar with the APS brand.

An external barrel which immediately makes one think of the different possibilities of use of this replica as a counter snipe for example For my part, during its discovery I was surprised not to have already seen this AEG on the ground It is currently available in two colors (Black or TAN).

The ASR 110D is entirely metal except for the butt and the handle for a weight of 3.8 kgs and measuring from 910 to 990 mm unfolded butt Let’s discover this replica of the flash hider at the butt It is therefore composed of the perforated flash hider and an external fluted barrel very different from what can be seen on the AEGs on the market.

the flash hider is screwed internally to the external barrel which will allow the installation of an anti-clockwise silencer adapter ring as on the snipes We arrive on a RIS Kit called RTS “RAIL TRANSFORM SYSTEM” in CNC aluminum of 16 inches equipped with 3 screw-on rails including 1 large and 2 small allowing the installation of your accessories on PICATINNY location as well as its QUICK DISCONNECT attachment provides easy installation on the stock or the RIS Then there are the two MBUS type sights with in addition a low sighting position We continue on a metal body of good manufacture adorned with APS markings What about its metal bolt catch, it is functional only to block and unlock the cylinder head when adjusting the HOPUP We then go down to the Metal selector offering the “SAFE SEMI FULL” modes then we find a Pistol type Grip handle finished with its ventilated engine cover Then we end with the black metal butt tube equipped with its strap attachment ring and its adjustable Crane stock in 6 positions and easily identified by these numbers visible on the top of the stock Now let’s move on to the internal characteristics of this ASR 110D The reinforced gearbox therefore receives: – Combined high speed and torque motor – Reinforced polycarbonate piston – Cylinder head and reinforced flat tappet – Reinforced aluminum nozzle – M100 spring – Spring guide on steel bearings – Steel cylinder – High performance gears mounted on 8 mm bushings.

– Reinforced silver wiring This Hybrid gearbox is a guarantee of strength even when used with a 7.4V LIPO battery The ASR 110D also receives a 6.04 steel precision barrel and a metal Hopup block identical to the Model M4 on the market Then let’s tackle the element which is very useful for the upgrade or downgrade of this replica, it is the quick spring change system (make disassembly video) Regarding the EBB “Electric Blowback system, its operation is simple and in no way hinders the mechanics and gives its small effect.

Now let’s go to the Chrony test in 0.20 beads and 7.4 v LIPO battery Let’s move on to the target test at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters. The manufacturer announces a maximum useful distance of 80 meters and we will therefore put the replica to the test by carrying out a shooting test at 50 m then at 80 meters on a mannequin We therefore pass on a test at a distance of 50 meters as planned we pass at a distance of 80 meters The precision is much less important at 80 meters but the balls reach this distance Here is the review of the ASR 110D HYBRID EBB from APS completed The APS brand is only distributed in France by the company DM diffusion, which subsequently supplies French shops, the recommended retail price is 299 euros and is immediately available in shops Find all the AIRSOFT REVIEW links in the video description Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you See you very soon Bye Bye


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