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ASGARD SIEGE – 2018 / Airsoft (75 Kills) Sniper Perspective / Silverback SRS

ASGARD SIEGE – 2018 / Airsoft (75 Kills) Sniper Perspective / Silverback SRS

-Hello Ladies and Gentelman -Welcome in my new movie from ASGARD 3rd edition In this milsim, has arriver almost 1000 players from 13 countries -In polish prices the ticket is little expensive -But this is not only shooting event -A day after shoot, we have military courses, aipsc tournaments, survival courses -I win 2nd place in aipsc pistol shooting, my award cost 330zł – this is ticket cost 🙂 -But in rifle challenge we have 6/3 DQ witch my friend XDDD -We have great 26s time, but we made some little mistakes 😉 -Also we finished courses about Building Assault, Building Defence, Survival -The soliders who leading the courses, they are high trained specialist from SF units They are great guys -After event we also shoot from realsteel MSBS/GROT rifle, and hk417 in 600yards Both rifles are great -This guys lead autosuggestion, and they are following orders from leaders from different companies – never listen orders from others leaders 😉 we attack building 417 (my teammate have great instinct – but the leader of company not.

) You see at the moment Never listen peaople who want to hold the grassland if the safety builning is near away -After a lot of ambushes from errimor we entered to the city Sorry guys for this shoot This is probably transport to the respawn point but i dont see any vest, and my first reaction is open fire During the night game We hold the building 412 Unfortunatelly i dont have NVG cameras So i dont recorded the unbelievable gameplay Enemies throwing a lot of grenades to us I sitting in the basement, and use pistol to shoot a lot of enemies, the night was a blyatifull 2nd day we have orders to join witch Semper Parati, to support QRF friends from Sweden (Viking Platoon) The leader has name Marcus, and we have great cooperations witch them We taking the points outside the town And after this we entered to the city, and attacked building 424 Music: Lord Houron ‘The Night we Meet” From the car i dont have good shooting position so i decide go to the building 430 The crosswind cut my max shooting distance 🙁 I recorded only part of gameplay, my SD cards dont have inaf place for this I lost 1hour in tower 430 (a lot of frags) And last hour of game in building 412 -the best amount of frags 😉 and 4 gunners in vechicles but no video no proof 😉 , Thank you for watching See you next time Next minutes in movie this is only highlights, so this is official ending, goodbye


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