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ASG [45 Kills] Nowy Targ Szpital | Airsoft Sniper Gameplay | Silverback SRS | Strzelanka


Welcome in my new movie Today im shooting in Nowy Targ (Malopolskie/Poland) In Abandoned Hospital – This is one of the last airsoft event here πŸ™ Demolition machines wair for new year, and start destroying this ruins So one of the best shooting area in Malopolska, for a while start living only in our memories and legends So, lets start We play gamemode like the conquest in Battlefield Defenders have 2 lifes, and attackers have instant resps I have bad start, fight witch the twigs F**k, So close! (i feel wind of bbs) beautiful sniping slaughter Enemies attacked us from all destinations, so we must be concentrate Contact! Kill confirmed Cover me Watch for my line of shoot I try cut the cake, you hold the cellar please Hold the sector, i will check the right flank Thanks buddy elbow shot – Prophet, right flank! – f*ck we dont start to play Me- But i shot first! stop make chaos I will push them away like a brave knight gun hit Someone injured Change the roles, enemy are attacking us, we are defenders Where he is Cordura sound Missed F*ck poverty! and he shouted the loudest ‘f*ck poverty’ one with the other Sniper confirmed We defending very good this embasy we pushed out a lot of the enemy attacks We pushed out like like elves pushed out the orcs literally They shall not pass, no assault We cant go to the outside, but this building throwing me πŸ˜‰ My bolt is no reload :/ Thank you for watching if you like this, and want support my work please like & subscribe, leave a comment bellow about you most likely moment and see you next time goodbye


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