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ARP9 G&G + HPA | POLAR GASTON | Capsule Airsoft España

ARP9 G&G + HPA | POLAR GASTON | Capsule Airsoft España

Kenny:This is the ARP9 already painted but with the AEG system right now is like just out of the box yeah with the motor and… Grey: STOP STOP STOP bu.. but is wtf is that? why is RED, red? why did you painted red? kenny red??? but but what are you doing.

. no dont stop, stop that… but you are taking stuff out…. but why, why what are you mounting? what is that wait… you are mounting stuff what are you placing? are you mounting a Polar ??? is that a Polar system?? is that a polar¿? its a popopolar?? but but, and why does it sound now tropical house?? oh my goo.

.. LOL that was way too much but i LMAO making this intro Kenny: hi im kenny, and im gonna explain you what we did with this arp9 by G&G its the first game with the arp9 with the polar star “Fusion” we already test it it has to be calibrated a little because it works great buuuut it still needs some final touch.

.. …about the ergonomy when you aim…. the hop up…. it still needs be played more but i think at the end of the game… … ill start to enjoy this replica and its configuration Rhoads: What about the range? i think that way we will see the bb Kenny: im aiming the respawn Rhoads: not bad Rhoads: i want you to hear how quiet is the shot is barely head Kenny: what i love it fills ALL the bbs it doesnt leave a bb in the chamber it shots all the bbs very curious, i just realize it Rhoads: what are the RPM and FPS? Kenny: i think 60 RPM.

.. not sure Rhoads: 60 RPM Rhoads: FPS? Kenny:280 Kenny: here we hide all the config …battery and the FCU, is what controles the RPM Rhoads: he is using a HPA system that he had before how much? Kenny: 500-600€.

.. Rhoads: a very expensive one so yeah it performes amazing but it would be the replica about 250€ maybe 270€ + HPA system about 500-600€ is the nozzle, a special one for CQB to limit the shot to less than 300 FPS the fusion kit the pressure line regulator and im carring a tiny bottle Rhoads: in that 500-600€ you´re incluiding all this Kenny: i think im not playing anymore.

… (no air) Grey: well after this free LOL what is behind the courtain it’s all Kenny’s effort and time to show you something different its what we wanted to do with the arp9 Plus, we always tell you to search for an other opinion, opinions in internet and other players because its what we do we do like to know other players opinions trying the replica and giving us feedback in this particular case, we borrowed few weeks later to Gaston to play with it and give us his opinon Gaston: man, i dont know if he was in our team but i blowed him Yerai: they are in front Player: hit Gaston: one on the left right on the left side Yerai: on the wall? Gaston: no, he is hiding on the wheels gap Gaston: one is just behind the bar Player: hit! Player: hit! good one dude its “raining” from the left, but i dont see them wait i see some movement Player: hit! Gaston: he is down he is down Moving! Player: hit! Player: hit! Player: hit! Player: hit! Kenny: cover that way, Walon jump the bar Walon: moving! Gaston (radio): this is “Gast” does anybody knows if the left bar is ours? Kenny: Negative on that Kenny: Yerai! cover me Gaston: hit coming out! Gaston: i do have a polar but im not too happy with it cause it doesnt works perfect but this one.

.. its actually good is what i expected from a polar star replica and probably i will get one…but not in red but… its working really crazy the morning is going good the magazines are a little weird cause are very thin and im used to play with 5,56 (the form) are very thin to me when you want to reload i’m used to play with a mk18, its heavier stuff and longer i feel it to small in hands but, yeah, i do like it, except the colour and the stock VM: there is a guy who is showing just the tip of the gun Gaston: moving ok? we have to change the colour to red .

.. the hop can be too up, or drop them down like everthing, when you increase the fire rate… is very… hum do you see shit? man… i truly love fucking HPA its a petty the wire… but the sound….

Walon: you can hear nothing Gaston: absolutely nothing. Before i was hide on the tube and no one noticed me, people passing by and i was biting their ankles works very good dude OHMYGOOO every bb on the fuel door more info about the G&G ARP9 on our previous video, link on description below


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