Subtitles available in English Hello and Welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a novelty that was transmitted to us by our partner G & G armament We would like to take this opportunity to speak to you about the Airsoft World Championship event created by G & G Armament and whose name is The WCSC, the WORLD CUP SHOOTING COMPETITION CQB that took place each year and that was won By the Chilean team in the final at TAPEI for the 2017 edition Many countries are represented in this competition which france which finished in the 13th place The big winner of this final wins the sum of 10,000 dollars Do not hesitate to go to the G & G armament page that you will find in the description of the video and allow you to follow the different future events and try to qualify you for the next editions We also hope to have the chance to go to the next final and make you enjoy this event in Road Trip video So what is this new product 2017 that G & G armament has entrusted us? It is the ARP-9 that some were able to see at the IWA 2017 This replica is one of the latest innovations in their range of replicas equipped with ETU technology (ELECTRONIC TRIGGER UNIT) The well-maintained replica in its plastic housing, a Mag HIGH-CAP 300 BBS, a cleaning rod, its user manual During the first pictures found on the facebook page G & G Armament, this replica immediately attracted my attention by its size but especially a MAG very different from what can be seen on the product of this type based on the M4 or AR15 We therefore start on a M4 type base that has been largely redesigned, whether it is by its PDW-type butt, its M-LOK compatibility and its ultra short tactical handguard block and ended by its unusual flame cache The big plus aesthetic that jumps to the eyes is the MAG of Type 9 MM extra long giving to this style replica never meet on the ground of airsoft A compact and very CQB-oriented look as I like it, its line has not been roughly diminished but adjusted perfectly to obtain an ergonomic replica while giving this feeling of solidity This replica weighs 2kg for 497mm to 598mm deployed stock.

It is therefore composed of a very wide and short plastic flame cover mounted in 14 mm anti-clockwise on a metal outer barrel Its ultra-short, anodized CNC ALUMINUM rail receives the licensed M-LOCK system and a superior picatinny rail, players can use real Magpul accessories or other accessories with M-LOK marking and there will also be G & G accessories for The rail (rail cover, mini rail, inclined rail 45 degrees, vertical handle) Two sighting devices in removable metal, foldable and adjustable vertical handle) Its UPPER and LOWER are made of polymer of very good quality giving this weight so light to this replica while guaranteeing the solidity of this one We then discover the usual elements such as the shooting selector, the charging eject button in the lower position in front of the trigger guard and the dummy ambidextrous arming lever giving access to the HOPUP setting via the dummy cartridge ejection window Then its ergonomic polymer handle fits perfectly to the hand Its SPEED type metal trigger that reinforces the look of the replica as well as the metal trigger guard Its PDW type polymer and metal type, adjustable in 2 positions thanks to its quick locking system, the Tube buffer will be used to place your LIPO battery by a quick access Its location attaches strap Then we finish with its MAG Polymer HICAP 300 BBS of type 9MM with roller able to be replaced by the MAG 60 BBS or very soon the version DRUM 1500 BBS This replica receives a gearbox in version V2: – Standard long shaft motor 25000 RPM – Metal gears.

– Metal spring guide – A polymer piston including a metal tooth – A polymer piston head – A polymer cylinder head – An aluminum cylinder – Bushings 8 mm – The Electronic Trigger Unit or more simply ETU and its MOSFET It receives an internal barrel in 6.

08 of 128 mm mounted on a hopup block with plastic roller It is advised by G & G armament to use this replica at the LIPO, the technical data sheet indicates the battery powers up to 11.1 Let’s discover the famous ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit and its MOSFET) Then the ETU is directly housed in the GEARBOX instead of the usual SWITCH, and the mosfet is housed in the buffer tube What is ETU used for? It will be used to increase the reactivity of your shots by an electronic switch replacing the trolley of the switch, coupled to the MOSFET this will allow you to set your shots in FULL AUTO or BURST 3 BBS mode very quickly How is this done? It is very simple, you plug your battery then you position your selector of fire on semi and you stay pressed 10 seconds, the programming is finished Switch to FULL AUTO mode and you will be in BURST 3 BBS mode, and if you want to go back to FULL auto you just have to repeat the operation Test 20 meters / 0.

25 Gr Shooting group on the character’s head The test at this distance is impeccable Test 50 meters / 0.25 Gr Presence of wind on the target impeding shooting and accuracy The wind hinders tremendously the precision of the replica but reaches 50 meters without any worries The sensitivity and responsiveness of the trigger is respected and powerful, the reset trigger plays very well its role Despite the wind, the replica gets good results in terms of precision and range, which is really suprenant it is the sound of the replica (very nice and powerful) Negative points : The absence of an internal barrel in 6.

03 which would increase the performance The absence of M-LOK accessories to complement the replica Positive points: An unusual look that will make an asset in CQB. A MAG enhancing the charm of this replica and even more with the MAG DRUM.

A gearbox equipped with the ETU and MOSFET allowing a reactive operation and mode BURST 3 BBS. Shooting performance and honorable accuracy. The possibility of mounting a silencer or other flame cover in 14 mm Here is the review of the ARP-9 from G & G armament completed.

You can find this product in all G & G dealer shops from the beginning September 2017 Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner G & G Armament in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! I tell you soon! BYE BYE


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