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AREA-M Airsoftgelände | VLOG + SNIPER GAMEPLAY!! [deutsch]

AREA-M Airsoftgelände | VLOG + SNIPER GAMEPLAY!! [deutsch]

Good morning guys! At the moment we’re loading the cars Only one small problem, Novritsch your case is too long Please cut off like 5 centimeters of your weapon Then it fits into the NUPROL case We’re off now to Montabaur, Area-M Lara is in such a good mood – I’m soo tired She didn’t eat, she didn’t sleep.

If you know her you know that you better don’t say anything wrong now We’ll get you some breakfast soon Let’s go now, we’re late again But it’s the fault of our tactical polish boy today His bag lies on the street Whatever There he is We’re late because of him But doesn’t matter We won’t film the way to Montabaur, that’s boring See you on Area-M Hello Driving a car? Yes he can! Such a nice appearance We just arrived and parked down here We’re going to register now When starts the game? – In 20 seconds – Yes we can easily do this So let’s go up now Here are many cars so I think it’s going to be a crowded game day Security Briefing The talking guy is Moskau You know him from “In einer Beziehung mit Airsoft” Well so do I Security briefing is done They told us that the floor is full of mud and shit We have to register now and then chrone And then we have to hurry because everyone else is already ready You have to film the most important thing, you can order pizza until 12:40 I’m not even sure if we can keep up until then I know Nicke, so we might probably lose our lungs at 11 and drive home We registered now and got such a cool armband and we bought a barrel sock This is obligatory You have to put it over your barrel for safety reasons We didn’t have one so we bought them Now we’re going to change then we’re chroning and after that off to game See you in a bit We got our gear on! Game is already running We’ll show you the weapon of Lara now She got it from Airsoft2Go Very nice, we already tried it yesterday at the office And it’s very loud So I think one or another might hide his head I got my 416 with me as well But I’ll play the first round with my SSG24 We’re wearing our clawgear pants That’s my look today But with my fly closed Temperature is okay It’s about 1 or 2 degree celsius It’s one of my favourite temperatures I don’t like playing when it’s too hot Because I’m sweating then like crazy And when it’s too cold you’re getting ill so fast, so this temperature is kind of pleasant Clear view, so no fog So I think we’re able to collect some nice footage So I’ll start with my SSG24 and Lara plays her APS, show it My very first own baby, it’s an APS Phantom Thanks to Airsoft2Go and also thanks to Immo for already tuning it I took the optics from my Tippmann I’m already excited for my first play with it Show it, because like you said Immo already tuned it Pretty nice, I’m a little jealous to be honest Have a look at this It’s not semi and so on, but HOLD – PAIN HELL We loaded ammo now Off to the chrono now and after this probably loading ammo again Our weapons are all kind of low in performance.

.. but there are very good systems included Many people always think if they build like 3, 4, 5 or 12 joule in the weapon it’s a good one. Well, it’s not I’m not that much into technics But what I know is that coordination is important Gearbox and so on are way more important than how strong is my spring But my spring inside the SSG is very strong Let’s chrone it, I think it’s 2,6 joule Well for the sniper rifle you need that power so you can get a little further than the guys with their SAEG weapons An important thing for the guys who always want to be a sniper if you can shoot like 40 meters, and then there’s someone with a systema and shoots like 60 meters Then you get like 40 BBs on your head So it doesn’t serve the purpose from a sniper right I’m through My sniper has got 2,4 joule I’ll play this one now first and after this the HK416 Pascal had to change his spring But now he’s through as well So we can start soon Contact from below Nicke cover the slope Nicke where do you have contact? You got one? He’s out Nice one! Attention! At your 12 F*** this is so wet I can go up this right and lay down over there Shoot down there So I can move Nicke I need you, I’ll only come up if you see something Remove them! Jacek Remove them! On the street, they’re too near You can get them Got him Got him They didn’t clear my position Remove him Got him On the left Nicke, left, left! They’re walking around us Left! He’s on your height Hey, I raised my hand! I din’t shoot you on purpose You were way too near I didn’t want to hurt you! But it’s okay You didn’t see me right? If I would be a little more antisocial I would have hurt him so much now.

Okay I’m out But was so nice. As a sniper you always need a good position Then you can rule I hope the camera got it First round is over I got hit at the end Not sure if you saw this I signalized “Hey dude, I’m way too near”, then he shot me He said sorry, so everything is fine.

I’m treating myself with this poptart You know this? I took it from the States I smuggled it, didn’t pay duty for it That’s so tasty. You get it in Frankfurt as well Well but not healthy I’m looking like a pig, because I layed in this well over there But the position was very nice I think it was this position, which brought me some of the shots In connection with the rifle Second round now I hope we’re spawning below, so we can see the other side of the field And see if it’s just as cool Jacek, stay on the road, we will go up here Go Watch out Up there in the rampart Do you see the enemy right there? I have contact over here There are some more enemies in the rampart You got him, Lara? I have to correct the trajectory No way! I got him man The bb bounced off a limb into his face That was definitely just luck What a nice shot Justin, there it was We have to move further, Lara where are you shooting? I just saw another one getting closer Ok I’m moving I am going to the next cover No contact, our allies are on the street Bunker on my 12, and on my 11 Allies up in the forrest Some more allies in front of them Go ahead and move to the next bunker, guys There are covers in made of wood to my left I’m coming after you, David Hooly shit, that was sick “You alright?” Yeah I’m fine, I hope we have a good angle of it 😀 I was just sliding down the entire hill.

.onto my wrist Going to the next cover On my 12, Pascal cover my left side Huh nice, got one Check the last bunker Hm, I think he already bounced Where are you guys? Come after me Jacek? Move, cover the position of David Are you out? *Talking to Lara* “Our mates are down” Ok, Let’s get away here “I don’t know what’s going on anymore” They are about to run us down “You out mate?” -Nah The problem is that I am facing the sun I can’t see anything This sucks, I can’t face the sun “Can’t see shit, right” Yes, the sun has a really nice position Well, this is unfortunate but whatever Hello there We were just live, maybe you saw it already We are about to play our last round for today The recent one wasn’t the best Lara’s battery died, David’s gun jammed so we had to get back to the car, you might know it too Sometimes on a gameday you spend more time on repairing things than actually playing airsoft We are moving on now Last round We are playing a mode with zombies, so you have to leave the field Justin Zombies wear a reflective vest like you And the rest is just spamming BBs at the zombies And they have to eventually run back to the spawn Doesn’t really matter but you still have to leave the field now Justin if you don’t want to look like a crumb cake I don’t want that But let’s take out some zombies, see you in a bit “Somebody showing himself.

.up there!” Close He is running away now Nice one, nice one I think he didn’t know what to do anymore “Nick?” “At least three people on this side” Ok I should be able to reach them with my sniper “They can see us too easily from here” “We have to leave this platform” I can see him, directly here in the middle Holy shit, that was close I think I am about to break a bone David, one guy on my 1 in the forest You can go up there on the bunker Try to take out the guy at the bunker, the second one Watch out! Top right side! It’s alright man Justin From which car are you coming from? “I though you are leave the field on the top” Didn’t we agree to meet at the car? Gameday is over now, the last mode included zombies I think I really hurt the last guy I hit I’m sorry dude, I didn’t mean that Apart from that it was really fun, the sun is also almost going down hold on Okay, the sun is already gone We still have to get some food It’s like tradition that we eat at McDonalds after we went on a gameday here at Area-M Let’s switch the location before we end the video Okay let’s go over there Aaalright guys, the gameday is over now, we are really exhausted It was really fun though, I really enjoyed i I finally got to test out the Novritsch sniper It definitely works over here at Area-M We played a lot of CQB in the past So it felt really good to play outdoor again Long streets, aisles, paths – was really nice The limbs were my biggest enemies but fortunately I still did okay with the rifle It was also really nice to play with all the guys and with you Lara How did you like it, Lara? “Cool, I am really exhausted, I ran a lot” “But it also helped me not to get cold that easily” “It was my first time here and I really liked it” I think today was a beginners day aswell which is made for ppl that never played airsoft before I really like the idea of that, shoutout to Area-M At this point I can tell all of you that you definitely should try out airsoft if you are interested Not necessarily here, but just in general, try it out Go outside and try, fresh air is good for anyone And BBs didn’t hurt us today too Did u get hit at a bad spot, Lara? “I got hit on the forehead, but I am wearing the beanie.

.” Don’t know if the camera sees it, but I do There is a little bump right there “Good thing I am wearing the beanie” Yes, also very important to say at this point Don’t forget to wear proper boots to play in the forest I fell really bad today, you saw it “Justin, can you show how we look like real quick?” I saw some guys playing with sneakers today Please try to avoid this if you are new, because If you hurt yourself on your first time playing airsoft There is the risk that you get hurt really bad We all don’t want that So Remember to buy proper boots, and I think we have nothing left to say “I got nothing” “Well.

. I am hungry” Alright, see you “Excuse me?” Yes? Don’t put question marks in the screen again.. Please Justin..I thought we are friends Aren’t we? Oh man, I hate you already..


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