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AR-15 SBR8 G&G | Airsoft Review | SIA69

AR-15 SBR8 G&G | Airsoft Review | SIA69

Overall, this gun is a great surprise from G&G. Both robust & solid thanks to its full metal body Weighing 3kg100 and measuring a total of 88cm With an outstanding handguard This AR15 has great performances and precision thanks to its 463mm & 6.

04 inner barrel and integrated mosfet Therefore, this gun is absolutely playable straight, and doesn’t require any modification or upgrade Our advices for a better experience: Use a 11.1v Lipo, to take benefit from the overall performances of the gun and its mosfet In terms of BBs, we got our best performances with some 0.

28g bbs from ASG At last, the gun is sold with a great 90 rounds magazine, but we also recommend the 30 & 79 rounds mags from G&G. Eventually, as you probably understood, we found a lot of qualities to this gun And we want to thank our sponsor Elite Airsoft for giving us the opportunity to test this gun.

See you on soon on the fields.


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