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APPLE AIRSOFT BAZOOKA Review – M9A1 Grenade Launcher Softair Test GSPAirsoft


Welcome to a new video full of action on our channel GSP Airsoft. Hello together – this is Joris of GSP Airsoft. Today we got the review and shooting test of the M9A1 Bazooka Airsoft grenade launcher. 6 kilogramms heavy. I’ve already build up a target so we can see the spread of the BBs. This one is made of a bigger sheet of paper with a size of 1×1,1 meters. We will fire our launcher from a distance of about 30 meters and get a closer look at the spread of the BBs. First things first. Let’s start with the review of the M9A1 Bazooka Airsoft grenade launcher and its technical details. The Bazooka is available for 389€ at the online Shop “Begadi” and is delivered in 2 pieces so you need to assemble the two bodyparts. Firemode is obviously semi action only and the gun is fed with 40mm airsoft grenades. The Bazooka got a lenght of 1550mm and a weight of 5.620kg. With the Bazooka itself you’ll also recieve a 40mm airsoft grenade which holds about 108 BBs.The M9A1 grenade launcher is a replica of the original WW2 Bazooka. Let’s go on with the metal and plastic parts. The whole launcher weights about 6kg so there has to be a lot of metal. So is the whole barrel made of metal. Almost everything of the launcher is made of metal but the little completely useless button in the very rear and the pistolgrip. The trigger itself is made of metal. Most of the attachments on the body are just made for show without any functional point for examplie ajusting or stuff like that. But as I already said – almost the whole launcher is made of metal. Let’s get a closer look at the magazine and the 40mm grenade itself. There isn’t much to say about the grenade. It’s a 40mm airsoft grenade by Madbull with a capacity of around 108 BBs. The grenade is about 60€. First you fill in the gas. Than you put in the 108 BBs. If you notice there isn’t space for more BBs anymore just put it together very tight. Now I will demonstrate the reloading to you. This is the upper side of the launcher. The grenade sticks right in here.In this case it’s red. Grab to “head” and rotate it to the left and pull it out of the body. The grenade comes out with the head you just pulled out and has to be pushed out towards the inner side of the launcher. There you have the grenade right in your hand. As I said fill in the gas right on top with the BBs and do the whole process backwards. Once the grenade is sticked into the head it fits tight without any risk to
lose it. Now you put the head back on the launcher and rotate it to the right and you’re good to go. Now some words for the airsoft newbies out there: No, the red head of the grenade won’t be shot off and hit your enemy. Instead of that you got a big rain full of airsoft BBs flying out of it. The grenade itself will stick into the launcher. Otherwise it would be freaking painfull if you would hit your enemy with this 0,6kg monster. Let’s go over to the amazingly pointless show features which this launcher brings with it. At the front as well at the rear you got one mount on each side to attach your sling to carry it more easily.At the rear you got this already shown pointless button without any funktion. This is the stock. It’s not adjustable. It’s fixed to the launcher but you can decide between the two settings to press it into the shoulder or just put it onto it. So this is the sight which you need to assemble buy your self with a little screw at the backside of it. The sight is foldable aswell as its lenscover. With the sight there comes the first big point of criticism. The whole system of the launcher is only made for right handies. For me it’s a bit crappy because I am a lefty. There is a little crosshair without any lightning System but with a little adjustable scale of height but I think this feature won’t be that usefull for airsoft purposes. At the pistolgrip’s left side we got the safety button. Upwards its ready to fire – downwards its safe. It works perfectly.There is a little tube from the pistol grip to the rear of the launcher without any function just to look good. As you know there are always some markings on airsoft guns aswell as on the launcher. Here it says “G.S.G. Cal. Grenade” with the F in a pentagon (just for german guns). And at the rear end of launcher there’s a serial number which I won’t read out now. Now I will show you how to disassemble the launcher. It’s pretty easy. At the right side of the Bazooka there you got a little movable pin which you need to pull around completely. Than you rotate the frontpart to the right and pull it up. Than you rotate the frontpart to the right and pull it up. There is a little notch/score you need to care about if you want to put it back together. There comes the next point of critiscm – the system is a bit shakly and noisy but … yeah. Now my results about the Bazooka.This gun is perfect for reenectors or for decoration
purposes at home but in my opinion its too much if you need four to five extra grenades if you want to use it properly on games. If you want you could even put it into your room. Everytime I got some friends at home they’re just like “What the fuck?” And I’m like “It’s an Airsoft Bazooka.” Their first reaction: “What the fuck is this shit?” But as I said. This gun is perfect for reenectors but for actual playing purposes ..Just nope. That’s it for the review. Let’s have some fun shooting. Well.. guys. This looks funny doesn’t it? The sights at the wrong side for me so I need to improvise. I am not shooting over 30m but over 25m because I don’t expect the launcher to even shoot so far. The glasses are on spot even if it’s just a Bazooka – get some! Okey? Okey. Erm. I think everyone saw it. First of all there were tons of gas what’s totally normal but the BBs didn’t even get close to our target. They dropped even before they arrived there. Let me check it’s range. This thing shoots around 18m! So … this was definitely shit. Let’s try 15m but I can already say this thing is nothing to play with honestly. Anyway let’s see what it does on 15 meters. The spreadarea is like …This! The BBs spread out instantly as they leave the grenade. Let’s test the 15m but first I need to prepare the grenade again … oh Mama. Next try over 10 to 15m. Let’s see how it works. Wish me luck. They hit! But to 99,578% they didn’t went trough the target. Why not? Because there isn’t that much power! So … I would say we cancel the test right here because I don’t see the point to stand 5m away of a 1x1m target justso the BBs hit it proper. I already saw at the previous shot there where only 3-4 BBs that even hit the target and that’s why I cancel the test at this point with the result that the M9A1 Bazooka Airsoft grenade launcher definitaly failed the test. For playing purposes you don’t even need to bring it because even the weight is just too high in addition with it’s shooting range and the reloading process the launcher is too unpractical to play proper. At the latest when you fired to grenades you will stop playing it. At this point I think it’s time to say good buy again but I think we had some fun Joris GSP Airsoft.And don’t forget the Airsoftdays at the 16th to 19th of July. Now I’m done. I’m done with this shit! .


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