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Apocalypto II Part 2 – Virginia Airsoft Gameplay – Jolly Roger Airsoft

Apocalypto II Part 2 – Virginia Airsoft Gameplay – Jolly Roger Airsoft

that is Hey right okay captivate and also I got a new little video you see the poker deal I want my best offer let’s just say we had some bad times in college would be point if you beat him in poker I’ll be beaten poker beat him in poker okay beat him in poker deal feel good y’all want to come in and play some friendly games sure hey I’ve got something to show you guys you guys remember my first game over here when I brought my life really nice Bissell I lost it in the woods fine you just I just found when you had that pistol that I’m also move all right put your guns on down and come on in see I got ya how many questioning people either for those four we got all the boxes for you all right oh I think I love how well all right let me have him some air all right okay I want to get in on this game go on gather round gather round oh hey that’s a lot of people sit on down lower your weapons you guys know the drill sit on down I came in for the poker game up me anything okay get up in the gunfighter he owes me two tails that means you’re asleep Thank You whatever we want now Johnny right yeah I’m not gonna head over the stay friendly now if I go home today good boy there’s a window you’re folding okay here get out you’ll nail one soul on to it all right it’s not unlimited refills oh yeah except that one thing there’s an advice and take my time well let me consult the lip sure I was good job touches you alright yeah you want raise lower falls day not antifoam I’m gonna go radiated when wearing it out of like a nap I need that match mate alright thank you sir alright put him down three sevens like a POW we did not side with the Empire when they came to edge we fought back No know your gesture Ryan don’t get over your country strike ah Jeff I’m Chuck shots whoa ah I did it out ya know let it roll player to go back to life three guys to claim it damn it yeah I didn’t know a rock you just do on the page gap actually I sold all my calves when I sold my soul he did I’m gonna my people ah okay have you guys seen Simon’s like blood blister hi can you help me doc oh just so Phil see if you’d like your weapon feel free now mine’s out in the woods oh you’re hey guys let me hear you a test fire real quick right here alright should you go alright so I have a little backstory like Josh you remember that map that you saw on my desk yeah that’s a targeting now see you all know the crazy old man right yeah well he comes from a place we do not like they’re rude they are mean they stole all the pot from us so you understand you know where that silo you’ve discovered it yes sir that silo still has an active nuclear missile can you see where I’m going with this yeah you are the targeting I already have them that I have pretty much everything I need except Justin will know the moment we try to move on that site all right I kind of like the snow worried it’s mine right I think you work here I like you a lot let’s do it stereo shop instead of 74 hey this mountain do so for a lot there sometime sheave at the beginning at the beginning a forecast for mountainous one side and is a gauge overwash around it double shoot you in the back yeah I’m up over the plate go first wait a few minutes start just let them do that Apple everyone like my now my head I got them all click it good we’ll see on a dry back to back up thank you if you do so now the last piece of the puzzle I know the combination could shout and what do you mean to do I leave the chest you need the chest they guarded town how do you approach we do that very simply you have to take the town tell me I can try to pay for a couple people we get out of there the Petersons people get out of there I’ll pay you 50 stacks okay Josh hello you see sir come around the front please he’s going to see the ramrod that is thanks guys Jacob what she done all right you guys stay back there what’s the deal all right the stream the town Plus Ryan and Joe so we gotta take it now again tell you guys I don’t like the man in the suit suit suits men in suits remind me of uh that’s your face um time I spent in a little flower I’ll take up the man in suit and you guys attack the town has a sound that sounds wonderful what is men following these two it’s you my personal bodyguards like paid them we’ll take out the man to suit them you in there pal got you yo branding so much you got these two gentlemen we got a quest well that was funny I’m sorry Doce to do that oh no mini 850 caps that’s also G because Justin and his crew are attacking the town and I just got you guys out of it please that gives my fuel as you can’t have the town but I think it’s about a yard you technically gave them gave us an offer that we couldn’t resist yeah


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