Home Airsoft Gameplay AMS Reindeer Games 2014. Day 1. Airsoft Gameplay.

AMS Reindeer Games 2014. Day 1. Airsoft Gameplay.

AMS Reindeer Games 2014. Day 1. Airsoft Gameplay.

I hit got on oh yeah nice we were all ricochets bound up fouled up fire next group move up what’s a fire style a fire lit fire kit move up somewhere down let’s go gonna hold this get up or Alive around anybody let loose pull around in 22 alright my 12 oh where we hid it to where we head up their fucking straight run your ass up there and then left hook fucking pillbox hot it ready bro watch your runway hold us go go go go hey keep it hid no sir let’s go let’s go let’s go were they right there all right oh shit shit hey I need a minute I am moving to the barrel moving to the barrels chick there’s only go this there’s two on the right yeah down the ravine 2 i’ll never been to all right don’t look down to the ravine yeah watch out dragged him behind you drag it behind you push up keep pushing set a perimeter hey Rach you got a long band a tail Brooke we got a super long bandage oh shit paddy so good I need you guys go get that parachute bring it back right here right now we’re on that somebody go with that bow copy let me cycle mags in the field depot Oh York on it I got it just y’all are you what are we gonna do Dualla to our nice look I got you guys all right okay hey we still got wounded ghazipur giridih yes might as well make my left last life count so whenever you’re ready he’s right around the bend of the treatment oh that’s fine got to hey tool right here too right here good shot where’s your bandage my pocket oh this is just like trolls options I took it right in the nipple ha the nipple oh yeah thank you sir that’s kinky contact right this is snow we’ve got at least two contacts further up in the creek I saw that I’m recording you right now I’m recording you I just recorded you on my zoom cam


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