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AMS Broken Home 3 – Part 6: [YOUR VIDEOS HERE] – Epic American Airsoft Gameplay

AMS Broken Home 3 – Part 6: [YOUR VIDEOS HERE] – Epic American Airsoft Gameplay

hey guys and welcome back to us airsoft I’m your host Scott Slade home back and today i’m bringing you my final party gameplay from american milsons operation broken home 30 and even though this series is ending I’d like to begin to nerwin as soon as possible a series i think all of you guys would enjoy but first answer this question how would you like to get your videos featured here on us airsoft don’t even joke like that I wasn’t joking well if you wish to partake in the first episode of the series the top 10 most epic moments there will be a link in description below to my personal facebook where you can send me a personal message that you want to send a video to the show from there you’ll get a few simple instructions and when the first video gets uploaded you just might see yourself on the top 10 list but until then I hope you enjoy this game play and thank you for 360 air scribers you guys are awesome this group takes position here as their enemies are just across this field in the tree line Oh safeway where’s ray ray are they tannery no I multicam Dan you might want to get backing all your shot and hope it won’t shoot three cute one for you go we were treated to cost starts moving quickly we soon find a group and then this happens how you like them apples wait agree flush with that right down the field yeah you guys are on your right side yeah where’s our POV as you see this dead technical drive-by look underneath do you see feet wait there’s one guy behind the vehicle passengers are the vehicle the vehicle dare you can’t use it for shield get out of the vehicle dad he goes dead move hey be cold they’re dead let go regards the vehicle Nash in unison you boo please move players and the cost side start using their wounded team members as body shields but the madness doesn’t stop here a few of the players start noticing that I’m actually filming the blatant cheating so you’re gonna hear me take a lot of hits there’s american dragon look there’s like here we go hey Griffin yep what skyping medic like you’re gonna come on that heater next necros with the game no it’s not american middle Sam yeah that’s true somebody might be mad at oh yeah get him looked at me you look straight at me hey quit like this look says he got hit next can you see his name tags no good oh my god I’m going out do it what you’re here to ye be I gotta rotate out the mouth I started taking more and more hits so I raised my hand so now my arm is being shot up instead these guys really did not want to be filmed okay now they’re showing me knowing I’m a camera yeah yep that’s my cue from the cost to piss off so I just decided to leave hey let’s write one structure have to exit immediately or call your dad is it working I’ll see any morning ranges serious call it I got a dead right on ahead well that’s the end this video guys but if you liked it member to spank that like button down below and ascribe today if you haven’t already for more airsoft action every single week and remember that my personal facebook is down below in the description so you can send your videos to partake in the top 10 most epic moments but until that video I’ll see you guys next time


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