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AMOEBA CCR M4 DE ARES! (VS FIREHAWK) | Capsule Airsoft España

AMOEBA CCR M4 DE ARES! (VS FIREHAWK) | Capsule Airsoft España

Hello everyone this is Rhoads Before we start I must say that this should continue the previous video So if you want to see it all, here is the first part As I said on the previous video this is about testing two CQB M4s All of this thanks to the shop VS·GUN, that let us test the replicas We talked already about the FireHawk as an interesting replica for beginners But now we’ll talk about an M4 that is highly recommended by many Airsofters The ARES AMOEBA CCR M4 I’m being quite interested about this brand recently So we’ll talk about the replica, test it in game, get conclusions and compare with the FireHawk Do you like the plan? Let’s do this The replica has plastic body, and it’s very light The handguard is really short but has rails on it This design should be convenient on CQB It’s easy to fold the stock and make the replica more compact This could be itneresting if you’re also using a longer replica or an sniper rifle The grip is included, but if you don’t like it you can just remove it Due to this kind of stock, the battery is housed on the top part You can access to it by removing this front piece There’s not much space inside it, ok? You shall use an small and thin battery to place it inside Looks like there is no iron sights, but they are built-in on the top rail similar to the handgun sights right? If you don’t like it you can use a red dot sight The flash hider is fullmetal and you can easyly unscrew it with your hand Here you can see the inner barrel and a thread where you can put a silencer The access to the Hop-Up is quite easy, common in an M4 And this one in particular is comfortable to use.

You don’t need to touch small parts The replica has a 6’03mm inner barrel with 105mm lenght It has mosfet and electronic trigger, we’ll talk about this later It includes a High-Cap magazine, 300 BBs Which could be convenient if it’s your first replica.

Or maybe you just like the High-Caps But in some Airsoft events it is not allowed to use this kind of mags So you should get some Mid-Caps We tested the ARES and MAG magazines and no problem As usual in ARES replicas, this comes with a quick spring change system Which is quite easy.

We couldn’t try it on the CCR but we did it time ago with the Honey Badger And yeah, it was quite easy We tested the replica as it comes in the box. With 0’20g BBs it has around 310fps aprox. So this CCR is under the 330fps.

What does this mean? In some Airsoft events you can use this replica as secondary (Spanish Airsoft normative) So this could be convenient for some of you because you won’t need to buy a hanndgun replica But now let’s see how we tested it in game with a 7’4V battery in La Guarida 2.

0 with accesories and 0’20g BBs and in PROSEG CQC City without accesories and 0’25g BBs Let’s check it out Let’s adjust the Hop-Up, some pew-pews This works fucking well, maybe the Hop-Up is too high, but is the first time I use it – Check this this sound when shooting! Dammit (Wiset is using the G&G FireHawk) Tango down on left (This one was down already, sorry m8) One more down Enemy shield there Where? in front of us, middle bar 2 tangos bottom bar -*Rhoads.

Can you give us support here?* Where are you? Same place before, 5m ahead -Contact at 10 -Ok tango down Wiset changing Moving guys -Bottom. -I see it Go, go. Out! Let’s take the left now Out! -Let’s take the WC? -Fuck this stinks! Dammit -I’ll take the beacon ok? Time out! Tango down One more down Dammit this is my third.

This is my third cabron Ok I see him. Right in front of me Out! -Let’s go Red Team they’re eating you! (Want to check this silencer/tracer? Link below) Moving with suppressive fire ok? Nothing here Let’s capture the flag on base, a teammate gave it to me (One week later) This is the second game we’re testing this M4 replicas We’re in PROSEG CQC City.

Even if the name sounds like CQB, this has longer distances So I want to test if this replicas works well on this long ranges Using it without accessories today, not even flashlight ro silencer. Let’s check it out -*I’m on the back container* Takign the next one The enemy is taking our hangar from the middle -I’ll get him from the other door Tango down bottom right! -Move or you’ll lose us 4 tangos from respawn Grey that house will fall -They’re retained Kenny one is crossing to your left I’ll go Rhoads take him They don’t call the hit or I miss I don’t know (Friendly Fire behind) Don’t worry it’s ok He’s shooting at me I guess -No way I can move uh? Don’t move grey take the right -I’m behind you.

Ýes I hear you Tango is taking the right We are more now guys. Push and move Takign right Suppressing Moving Yes he’s down. reloading -We must push now Kenny let’s go left Load and move I have the left, go right Let’s take that wall I copy you, we’re moving.

We almost have the objective Reloading Cross We can do this -Sniper on window. First window right side Can you reach that? Rhoads go behind Fall back Rhoads! It’s easier from behind! Kenny we must throw them a grenade -Left! Tango down Tango down Ok so this is how we could test the replica, so let’s start First the cons of this replica The first I want to mention is not exactly my opinion Because I couldn’t check this during the years But I’ve heard from other Airsofters that ARES issue is the lack of compatibility in some inner parts As I said I don’t know about this.

Some of you have knowledge about this, so you cna leave a comment The second cons is about aesthetics In my opinion this replica doesn’t look nice at all -Look how ugly it is. Just look at it It’s really ugly, yeah it is (Spanish jokes I have no idea how to translate) Each one has a different criteria about this -Ugly? I like it.

-I don’t like it Ok let’s make a test I’ll show over here some photos of weapons. Telling you my opinion about the esthetics And you tell me your opinion 3/10 I’m bored of this 7/10 (10/10 if Chuck is using it) 0/10 It looks like a fucking Zodiac 6/10 +2 because the shotgun 7/10 +3 because Arnold You cna’t do this to a Beretta And your remake sucks 8/10 because the Goldeneye 64 8/10 because Sigourney in undies But hey! I really liked this replica, it works really well but it’s ugly But let’s talk about something more important the stock, my god the stock it’s comfortable and so, easy to fold, light.

.. but in my opinion it doesn’t seems reliable Looks weak and the pin moves when you fold it (the VS·shop has solved this issue) I think it should be worth to change it for an M4 tube stock The battery housing is a bit tight if you find the appropriate battery it’s ok but it feels like it’s too tight inside and seems the cables struggle when you pull it And last, and I’ll stop saying bad things the sling point.

made of plastic and maybe that’s not cool And now the pros of this replica For me this is the coolest thing: With the electric trigger the fire response is amazing And honestly you’ll enjoy this during the game We could check a similar replica time ago our friend Uruk has it.

I could also play with the AM-014 on this video were I could met Zythro from STRM who has the same replica In another video we show the AM-013 also called Honey Badger And time ago grey could play a bit with an AM-009 on this video here And yes, we could see how amazing is the electric trigger I really like this But we’re still a bit skeptical about this Because we don’t know if the electric trigger could cause issues in the future I want to add that you can change the replica preset and use it with different fire modes so you can change the auto for a 3 rounds burst, for example This is not a big deal for me because I always use semi so we didn’t test it on this video.

But for this option you’ll need this device, which is not included The replica is quite comfortable thou With such high profile is not hard to aim wearing a mask, specially if you use a red dot even the iron sights are comfortable, I liked it Despite it is so short it has an amazing range and not a bad grouping We didn’t do any complete precision test ok? But the replica just worked well during the game I’d like to test it for longer time to test if it’s reliable and so But on a first sight I’m totally convinced It’s ugly but easy to love So could this be a good choice for a beginner who could spend a bit more of money? Yeah, why not? But I know you guys.

This was my opinion, based in other Airsofters opinions, but no need to be an absolute truth I told you guys, ask to other people, ask someone to give it a try or whatever And again. Talking abotu opinions, let’s see what you said about this Amoeba CCR on our Instagram “As far as I’ve heard, it gets 50m range with good grouping I don’t know if it has a 50 effective range, depends of each one’s eye “the problem is that it needs an AK type battery.

..” “It’s cool but the stock is ugly as hell” Our budy Wiset says “The back of a fridge is prettier” “It is so ugly that it seems pretty” “It’s really cool guys” “Small, compact and accurate. Perfect for CQB and good for open range” “Pros: accurate and range, size, reliable.

Cons: AK battery” “More pros than cons, so it is a good choice” “The Equis from STRM replica is cooler” Uhmmmmm excuse me? Yeah you’re right, his CCR looks nice and he’s using an M4 tube stock “Is pretty depending of the config you use on it, better in TAN in my opinion” Yeah i forgot to tell you, avaliable in TAN as well Seems that the commets were all about the aesthetics Maybe because the way I asked you about it But yeah I’ve heard good comments about this replica from other Airsofters And bad things about this? Sure, but I’ve heard bad things about everything But well, if you want to say something else just leave a comment And why not? We could finish by comparing this ARES Amoeba CCR with the G&G FireHawk because we could test them at the same time I wont’ say if one of this is the best choice for a beginner because it would be absurd because there are many options and opinions Plus not everyone can afford a huge amount of money on a first replica or maybe we all would start with a Systema or VFC rigth? I can say that I’ve heard good and bad things about this replicas, maybe one more than the other But as I said the FireHawk is cheaper than the Amoeba And the FireHawk could be improved in some way, but could be good for a beginner being this cheap The Amoeba CCR is a bit more expensive but I think it worth the money Not so expensive by the way And I know you want me to choose one of this two so.

.. Yes, if I have to choose I’ll date with the Amoeba. I won’t lie Considering that the Amoeba has a grip on the handguard, that could be around 10 or 15€ The price difference is not so big so I’d rather choose the Amoeba It’s ugly but.

.. works well Thank you so much to VS·GUN for let us test this replicas And certainly I liked the experience of testing this CQB replicas And I hope to read you on the comments below guys But please if you’re going to give an advise remember that there many options and each Airsofter has different needs Well, I think I’ve said this thousands of times See ya There was an ally here, with a P90.

And an enemy inside the container And I say him, “throw a grenade inside” And he all like “have no grenade m8” and I’m all like “yes you do now”, throw him my grenade he throw it inside and he all like “fuck that was so good m8!” “YES DUDE!” (This guy exactly) Hey contact inside! Take it! Pull the ring and throw it to the bottom -Hey he just did it!.

-Yep moving Thank you Nice one dude -You just gave him the power and he all like “AAAAHHHHH!” Dude he was so HYPED -Kenny was all like “there! pew pew that enemy!” -He was far. -That one killed me


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