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All Weather Fighters – Desert Airsoft – Part 1

All Weather Fighters – Desert Airsoft – Part 1

this should be normal compared to what you’re used to just gets a cloud of fog in and you should choose back at home not level give their all I don’t mind what do you do it Luke like an avionics by which the f-16 that’s what my dad did when he had retired he started off on the hydraulics on the F force and then he sucks over the avionics NF 16th are you guys getting f-35 soon I’ve heard a rumor they’re supposed to be coming this year Jesus a question is why what happen till 2014 there’s thinking if I’m my name in capital 2015 but they’re building all this [ __ ] like 100 million dollars building there’s none of a construction law okay so they are gonna come and he’s McCain especially really hard to get that considered here of Florida they chose they chose here because Florida if it rains they don’t fly history but if they think it’s too valuable I didn’t realize it was designed to be babied yeah well that’s on the f16 abyss expense was going to hold whether fighter there’s a dust storm oh no [ __ ] it again why if it’s if it’s a little rainy it’ll fly but I’ll come back and I’ll be [ __ ] up for everything feels like the gun will Jam your life in a bundling how the [ __ ] I supposed to find a desert environment can’t fight here yo well that’s when you change the color he’s gotta paint a tan and that it’s good to go that’s the problem it’s the paint don’t use that great pain copy that awful part of her you attitude you ever say repeat electric talking partner I don’t know if you realize this but I’m pretty much making [ __ ] in the military I’m just an airsoft ER and I pretend to be legit yeah I’m faking the funk out here i am Milsom man i drink that ship all the time I just took out Lewis on the far east side it I’m responding guys on the east ridge that fall in black tree there’s like three of them bunkered up by it I just got one in a black shirt with black knee pads there’s still a group of guys about that fall and black tree on the heath ridge those are two guys we just kill can you see me what do you got eyes on Todd


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