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Al Acecho VS Nicole AR – Airsoft Gameplay en Español (Legendas em Português)

Al Acecho VS Nicole AR – Airsoft Gameplay en Español (Legendas em Português)

Hi, my name is Galán and this is Infamous Airsoft Today I’m in Coliseo for the first time, playing a closed game with my Shadow League friends The place is great to play against the well-known international player Nicole AR The place is very big and mixes different types of environments In this match we will play “Deathmatch” in the middle of a construction work If you like the video don’t forget to follow my channel and leave your comments To see the video from Nicole’s view you can click below or on the link that appears on the screen after the video Don’t do this bullshit at home Damn, the tree branches don’t help The enemies have already seen me and decide to wait for me So, I also hope, is that or fall into the void Wow, what a silly laugh I see that in the center are two of my teammates, so I think we are dominating I can hear that a colleague is out of the game The other will check In the background I see a mouse passing by That offends man I try to go to support my team, but I hear my second colleague died I decide to wait for that rat to leave Now I must start from the other side and I decide to surround the whole sand, so I can get there from behind I need Yerko support Look at the Twelve (clockwise), there’s a guy under the path Try to leave him there, I’ll go down looking for him Good Yerko, try to move forward, I’ll go down – Wait, I’m carrying it – Damn, there’s another guy shooting Leave it there, okay? This is more fun than shooting I think it was not a good idea to stay away I survived Do you guess who I found? I’m in the center of the sand and I see one of the enemies .

.. I think the last one, but I’m wrong. I learned that someone always comes further behind We are going to another place on the sand to continue with other matches Look out Nicole And the path is a little dangerous I don’t know if this is the same water Bloopers, bloopers for the channel The match is a deathmatch, but now in a place with many trees, different from the other Dead Has an enemy hidden by the side It was Nicole I walk carefully and cautiously, because every step I take could be heard from far away I see an enemy in a bush A call from mamae disturbs my silence I’ll call you later, mom Hidden in the woods I like to play on the grass Let me go, slut Someone nearby Dead Painful Remember to follow my channel by clicking on the logo and you can watch the video from Nicole’s vision by clicking on the link


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