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A&K SVD dragunov | Aim Top SVD GBB | Airsoft Review

A&K SVD dragunov | Aim Top SVD GBB | Airsoft Review

This is the AIMTOP SVD GBB Welcome to a brand new episode of Techmaniac Reviews Today we will present two different SVD rifles A gas powered made by AIMTOP and a spring powered SVD rifle made by A&K As we have already presented in the intro video The AIMTOP SVD rifle, is a gas blowback rifle The AIMTOP SVD is a full metal sniper rifle The overal build quality is supreme We have already install the special scope mount So we can mount any type of 20mm scope The SVD has a BUSHNELL 3-9×40 scope now on it Which is illuminated The AIMTOP SVD has a very precise charging handle And the bolt will stay open if there is no ammo in the mag The magazine is really heavy weighted And has a very big gas tank in it The price for this sniper rifle is almost 300 euros It may sounds expensive, but is a solid buy One of the most negative facts for this airgun is that you can’t find easily extra mags Until now we found magazines like that at evike and at the price of 60 euros + shipping costs The AIMTOP SVD gbb rifle scores from 550 to 580 fps out of the box (.

20g bb’s) with a UFC chrono system With high quality bb’s this rifle can reach even 100 meters range we will continue with the A&K SVD Spring powered rifle The A&K SVD comes with a metal magazine The magazine fits well in the gun In compirison with the AIMTOP model, the charging handle is much more heavier But an average player will be able to handle it Of course as a much more simple airgun, the price goes to the half of the AIMTOP model (150 euros approx.

) But even that the overal bulding quality is supreme With a full metal body that weights under 4 kg So it is very easy to carry in a game It is compatible with PSO scopes or SVD 20 mm scope mounts The anodized hop up is very cool The A&K SVD spring rifle produces 510-520 fps (.

20g bb’s) again with the UFC chrono system Both SVD rifles are identical The external look is almost the same


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