Home Airsoft Reviews A&K SR25 Airsoft Review By: Team Delta Operators

A&K SR25 Airsoft Review By: Team Delta Operators

A&K SR25 Airsoft Review By: Team Delta Operators

all righty today’s video is gonna be for you snappers out there I have here the a and K SR 25 I’ve added a couple of modifications to it nothing internal just all external my doubt site mock pick with the flashlight and laser and good ol surefire silencer and grip poor grip came with it the vibe I came with it as well I got it from air splat oh yeah it’s a advertising shoot about 450 feet per second I usually shoot 25 gram bb’s and I got it to shoot 400 feet per second with those so it’s pretty good today I’ll be using the white 0.

23 grandbabies just so you guys can see it on the video if you guys have any questions at the end of this video just kind of feel free to comment down there I’ll go over a couple of specifications for you as you that I don’t know and here’s they pop up just pull the charging handle back and then push this thing back a little bit a little black cover and then of course right here you have your hop-up dial it’s pretty self-explanatory alright there’s that magazine what I liked about this gun especially since I’m left-handed it has a ambidextrous mag release with my pointer finger or righties it’s got one on this side two two fire modes on this semi-automatic and pull it it’s got a pretty high rate of fire again I haven’t messed with any of the internal and whenever this thing shoots you can feel the spring pretty good so it’s got a nice spring in there that’s where it gets all that power my battery is in the back here this is actually different sock than what came with it but I like the stock oh it also came with the hand guards but anyways some have some fun shoot some targets so you can tell this weapon you can shoot pre accurate in a long range and at the same time you can lay down some suppressive fire for your team while they move in it’s me being the CEO for my team I’m usually over watching giving orders and pointing people out and this gives me the best option to support my team while they move in now we’re going to do some maneuvers I was going to shoot my camera for those of you that are used to using a m4 or an m16 it’s pretty much just about the same length as my m4 that’s why I got the one the collapsible stock give me some maneuverability comes in two different models one as an m16 style stock which is a solid stock increases the length probably about this much not very good for anybody going through corners and the other thing I do usually who’s CQB is take my silencer off because I don’t really need it just extends the barrel you’re gonna have corners not a good idea however I would say because the power of this thing you don’t really want to be using it close quarters unless you plan on hurting people last time I use this in a match I was getting quite a few hits and people got hit by this baby they were calling their hits they weren’t trying to cheat it out so definitely a recommended gun for those of you that want to take on support roles or designated marksman roles definitely a good investment it’s uh this gun cost about two hundred and twenty dollars from air splat calm and that’s pretty much it and if you have any questions let us know and feel free to subscribe to our page good alrighty now we’re going to do some maneuvers and you make it sure I was going to shoot my camera person


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