English subtitle options available in Youtube Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today for a Review allowing to make a comparison between two almost identical replicas We will offer you the AK sniper AEG EPB his little twin sister is the AK sniper SPRING both from the KING ARMS brand Each of its replicas receives a scope from the SWISS ARMS 4x 26 range (PSOP model) specially designed for this model Let’s take a look at the two packages: Let’s start with the spring model, which on the outside is identical to the AEG model except for the addition of the “AIR COCKING SPRING ACTION” logo.

The interior of the box is entirely in polystyrene protecting the replica well, accompanied by a BBloader, a charger of 50 BBS, a breaking rod and a user manual The AEG model just receives a logo specifying the electric operation with battery and its EPB system (electric power booster).

The inside of the box is in preformed foam protecting the replica well, accompanied by a charger of 200 BBs, the EPB system composed of a Nimh 8.4v 1600 mah battery and its ECU (electric control unit version 2) and a user manual.

Now let’s discover the general appearance of these two snipers Once side by side, it’s difficult to say which is in spring and which is in AEG, the same manufacture which is largely of ZINC alloy and the rest in Nylon Fiber which gives real strength to these two replicas.

Identical length and weight: 2.940 kgs for 1215 mm Now let’s discover the replicas of the flash hider at the butt A removable metal flash hider with the front sight in one and the same block by a BTR screw A metal external barrel equipped with a strap attachment point A good quality nylon fiber handguard and its identical closing system that will allow you to remove the guard and place the battery on the AEG version Adjustable rear sight a metal cylinder head cover giving you access to the mechanics of the two models simply by unlocking the side lever a cocking lever allowing access to the BAXS system very quickly and reloading the mechanism on the spring ball version what you will not have to do on the AEG version of course An identical fire selector on both versions but with a different setting: – In the spring version: Safe mode and shot Per shot In AEG, the main fire selector will also have two positions, SAFE and with regard to the second which will include SEMI and FULL you must select the SEMI or FULL mode on the additional selector placed at the trigger level A robust metal body with a very nice finish including a molded location for fitting a PSOP-type telescope A magazine slot and lock A nylon fiber stock topped with its quickly removable cheek piece Now let’s move on to the internal characteristics of the two models They are equipped with a 560 mm gun in 6.

04. From their BAXS system with very easily adjustable wheel The Spring mechanism is composed of the following elements after dismantling, we therefore have a cylinder, metal head and nozzle, plastic piston and head, Spring guide with metal shim, metal cylinder head spring guide The AEG mechanism is composed of a metal gearbox equipped with reinforced metal gears mounted on 7mm bearings Polycarbonate piston and piston head.

A polycarbonate spring guide and a metal cylinder What will make this gearbox a pleasant asset is its quick spring change system that you will be able to discover now in video Then let’s tackle the very useful element of the AK AEG Package is the Electronic Power Booster consisting of an 8.

4V 1600 mAh High performance nihm battery and its ECU (electronic Control Unit Version 2) The factory setting of the ECU is 3 Ball Burst mode in the Full auto position. Let’s discover together how it works and its programming Now let’s go to the Chrony test in two weights Let’s go to the target test at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters in 0.

30 gr SPRING test 0.30 at 20 meters AEG 0.30 test at 20 meters AEG 0.30 test at 30 meters AEG dummy test 50 meters SPRING 70 meter dummy test Here is the review of the AK snipers AEG and spring from the KING ARMS brand completed.

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