Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we are left to discover something new that has been transmitted to us by our partner BO MANUFACTURE. This replica is the new AK in the range BO DYNAMICS.

This is the AK PATRIOT BLOWBACK in FDE version which will be available in BLACK release. We all know that BO MANUFACTURE is being finalized MTO well that AK will be part compatible platforms with the magnetic system which is very good news for gamers who want something other than M4.

MTO logo on the shipping carton therefore serves information about this compatibility, not to say that the replica is already equipped. It is also compatible with the system BAW RECOIL shock but being equipped with the original system BLOWBACK adding more to this product.

PACKAGE DETAILS What do we find in the package? The well maintained in its reply molded plastic housing, a MAG FLASH HI-CAP 520 BBS, a silencer similar to those fitted to the SHIELD K, a cleaning rod and a silicone BO PATCH DYNAMICS, we therefore notes the lack of notice use.

EXTERNAL DESIGN Since its box output, one discovers a massive replica and imposing quasi FULL STEEL, its design is largely Americanized and gives its TACTICOOL STYLE. The materials used gives away the feeling of solidity and a working external display.

What we can see now is the enthusiasm of players to TYPE AK equipped KEYMOD handguard. The most attentive of you will preview the MTO MAGNETIC RIFLE PLATFORM inscriptions on the head soon proving compatibility with MTO system.

This replica weighs 4180 grams to 985 mm to 1060 mm. EXTERNAL DETAILS Let’s find out in more detail: It is composed of a steel silencer mounted 14 mm threaded counterclockwise. The big change on the AK right now is its hand guard kit version keymod nylon fiber not metal considering the overall weight of the replica, with two Picatinny rails and AXIS KEYMOD the sides of the hand guard allowing you to install it on additional rail modular way.

This keymod is pretty solid but remains well shaped the rest of the replica and its width provides good grip. A Picatinny rail firm nylon fiber and extended above the cylinder head cover and attached to the body allow the installation of an optical sight, no apparent play on it that could distort the target.

A steel strap fastener shown on the lower part of KEYMOD and firmly affixed to the steel also outer barrel. Two rear adjustable steel, both of which must be paid high enough to be visible over the KEYMOD, adding a point type sighting member Red is highly recommended and will be confirmed by a higher than stock tube origin and referred to a nice position.

Its steel cylinder head cover really giving confidence on the strength, it is metal with a latch opening, but will be dismantled only after removing the upper Picatinny rail, which will not be troublesome given a positioning of the battery the stock tube.

Its steel body gives the feeling of robustness and strength, we see the BO engravings under the body and MTO Marking on BLOWBACK head. One can realize the virtual absence of markings obsolete. It then discovers the usual elements like shooting selector, MAG eject button and the cocking lever and providing access to hopup setting.

Then ergonomic polymer handle fits perfectly into the hand. A raised STOCK metal tube positioning the player at the right height and aiming to plug in your battery. His UTG PRO STOCK RS crafted specifically for BO by UTG is really clean and robust, it receives a slot for strap but also a location QUICK DISCONNECT.

It is imperative to install STOCK remove your battery because the heel does not withdraw. Then finishes with his metal MAG FLASH HI-CAPA 520 BBS LONEX, but other chargers on the market are almost all supported.

One can notice the presence of an axis at the loading well to afford to hire the loader easily without much push, handling can be firm. INTERNAL DETAILS Now for the internal characteristics: This replica receives a gearbox reinforced V3 LONEX – Engine HI-TORQUE / HI SPEED short LONEX – An m100 spring – Standard metal gears – A guide bearing on spring – A polymer piston all metal teeth – A polycarbonate piston head – A polycarbonate head – A perforated metal cylinder – Of Bearings 8mm She receives a precision internal cannon mounted on a standard 6.

03 hopup metal block. REVIEWER against by my colleague, Dingchavez could confirm an actual diameter of 6.025 measured in these premises with a precision measuring device. BLOW-BACK SYSTEM CHRONY TEST 0.

20 GR lipo 11.1V TARGET TEST 20 METERS 0.25 gr / Lipo 11.1V The result at 20 meters is very much enjoyable, precision gun plays his role and the hopup. The BLOW-BACK system does not interfere with shooting and its mechanism is nice.

TARGET TEST 50 METERS 0.25 gr / Lipo 11.1V The setting of the HOP UP exchange with vibration-BLOW BACK FULL mode, it will tighten the screw to secure it The test will be 50 meters maximum reach of this replica, the accuracy will be improved by changing the hopup system.

The reactivity of the replica is suitable so it’s a very good result. POINTS NEGATIVE / POSITIVE Turn to items Negative and positive: POSITIVE: A replica TACTICAL contractror by his look, comfortable and functional ergonomics.

A KEYMOD and UTG RS PRO STOCK strengthening its design. Solid materials giving satisfaction to use over time. An internal recognized for many years and fully functioning in lipo whether 7.4V or 11.1V.

BLOWBACK a replica with a pleasant and compatible operation with two major elements of which are the BO BAW system but the big ++ is compatible with the MTO system that will delight players wanting a platform other than M4.

A stock mounting for electronic hand colored lenses. shooting performance really nice whether in scope or accuracy NEGATIVE: The absence of additional Picatinny rails for accessorizing the KEYMOD. A no-rotating stock of heel for faster and more enjoyable battery installation.

Original sighting system a little low if you want to use the output of optical sighting without box. Here is the review of the AK PATRIOT BLOWBACK BO DYNAMICS home BO MANUFACTURE complete. You can find this product in all shops BO resellers now for a price of 559 euro.

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