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A&K Masada ACR AEG Airsoft Review

A&K Masada ACR AEG Airsoft Review

An A&K Masada Automatic Electric Gun, also known as ‘Adaptive Combat Rifle’ or ACR for short, Is one of the rarest airsoft models in the market. Well, . . . at least where I’m from. Anyway, shooting in for about 360-380 FPS and weighing in about 6.

75 lbs, this Magpul licensed product is lighter than your average full metal M4 with mostly constructed with hard matte plastic. The first feature I want to get it into is that this model has a functional charging handle and bolt release.

Just pull the charging handle and- WAHLAA! As you can see, it locks into place and expose the hop-up, wire, and part of the gearbox. Also a reminder that I bought this used from a couple of friends. Yes, the original owner did modify the internals for better performance.

I would advise you to upgrade the hop-up and inner barrel if you’re planning on getting this since the ones that it came with are not very good. Now in a different PoV, you can see the ambidextrous design of this AEG and how it works simply by pulling the charging handle and press one of the two like so.

Instead of trademarks, you get this laser engraved monogram on one of the sides of the Masada’s metal upper body. Along with the logo of Magpul and the AEG’s serial number. Very shiny! One of the annoying parts of this AEG is both the selector switch.

If you listen closely, it has this rattle sound when changing into fire-mode selections, even from and going to Safe. It also has the same noise on the other side. But fear not because the ambidextrous selector switch won’t be falling off any time soon.

As for the sights, the front sight is built-in and made of metal. With a pin while pulling or pushing the front sight, you can use 2 different range of this front sight. One being the front sight itself and the other within the front sight like an MP7 front sight.

Make sure you hear the SNAP when you want to use the front sight or else you won’t properly use it and the button might break. I could do this all day. The rear sight is an adjustable and removable ACM Sight.

It may be minimal to some people. It has 2 adjustable settings that you can modify or you can remove it just by using an allen key I must warn you that there is a small loose pin within this sight. The pin is to support the rear sight from being wobbly.

But not a problem, you can simply use a small allen key or screwdriver to fix this. The funny thing about the ACM sight is that it sort of have this catapult or mousetrap concept to it. Some people have problems enabling this rear sight.

In order to use this, you have to push it from the left side. You can’t just push it from under or pull it. Again, I could do this all day. Now, for the telescoping stock. The features on this stock is that it’s a 6 Steps telescoping stock with an adjustable cheek rest.

Similar to the M4 and SCAR stocks. However, it’s easier and doesn’t wobble. 830 mm to 905 mm with the 6 Steps extendable stock. Makes sure you push both buttons on the sides in order to position the stock to your tactical desire.

Don’t be pushing it too hard or else the stock might come off, including the spring. Also, it’s fold-able. In case of tight situations such as in vehicles. This is also where the quick-change spring system can be located.

By folding the stock, you can use this in large events within transportation. The folding stock is NOT designed for CQB because of the barrel length being 340 mm. That’s a misconception by little kids who do not know about firearms and play too much stupid videogames.

Unlike other fold-able stocks, this one doesn’t have the function to stick to the body like the SCAR. Keep in mind that there is another spring within the functionality of this stock. It sort of supports the weight of the stock, but if you shake it a few times the stock will eventually become loose.

Now, let’s get into where you put your batteries. Your batteries must be placed within the handguard. because that’s where the connector is designed to be placed. Mad props to the designers. Good design in case of batteries running out and need to switch within the field.

Just pull this pin with a screwdriver or a small 6mm BB. Mind you, taking the pin out is not easy or hard . Oops, don’t loose that. And here is what one of the pin looks like. Don’t loose this because it’s pretty rare.

Just push the handguard and you’ll gain access to the barrel and connector. This Masada also has a Quick Change Barrel System, which is nice for those who want to change it into a CQB-platform. Now, I’m trying to see whether or not my batteries can fit inside the handguard.

Right now, I have a ZIPPY 11.1V 1500mAh 20C Series High Discharge Li-PO Battery. And right now, I am already having difficulties getting back the handguard. Now, let’s see if it fits with my King Arms 11.

1V 1100mAh 15C battery. Still having difficulties. As for the magazine, the AEG comes with this tan 120rd mid-cap mag. Again, the reason why it doesn’t come with a high-cap is because I bought this used from close-friends.

This model fits just about every M4/M16-type magazines such as those cheap high-caps, matte-finishe mid-caps, M16 VN-style high-cap and even a small low-cap. whoops-my bad. What can I say about this AEG? I love it.

It’s one of those models in my airsoft collection that I won’t be selling, next to my KWA KRISS Vector V. It’s like a dream car. Awesome quality. It has a nice feel to it. It’s lightweight. Perfect internal upgrades.

This model is just acceptable and I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a skirmish-able & adaptable M4 model with quick change spring and barrel systems.


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