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A&K M249 Minimi Para [Review/Shooting Test]

A&K M249 Minimi Para [Review/Shooting Test]

this is a revealed A&K m249 mini-me para the real seal m249 was built and designed to provide a V volume of fire with a rifle accuracy and portability ta NK replica just like the real steel counterpart is almost completely made of metal it’s a pretty I began and not everyone will be able to carry it on the field for extensive periods of time the only plastic parts are the anger and the end grip a weld-on carrying handle will help you manage the weight a pretty cool feature is the built-in bipod close under the end gap you will be kept in a very low-profile way the bipod is also recently pivoted the foldable stock is easy to fold and it also has a busy shoulder tester this talk doesn’t sit very comfortably on the shoulder and it’s also a little wobbly the built-in sling mounts are actually pretty small and you will be better off adding some cord to them the iron sights are both made of metal the line of sight is pretty clear and wide the rewrite on sight is adjustable voting windage and elevation while the front side is fixed the adjustments are kind of sloppy but they work well enough for the upper rail allows plenty of possibility for scopes and sides the metal flash hider is a 14 millimeters counterclockwise type accessing the battery compartment is pretty easy the gun is widened to a full tamiya connector the battery space is plenty inside the end garden the charging handle is functional not only for props the A&K m249 as a full outdoor safety selector heats the plastic 2400 rounds magazine it decently built and it doesn’t seem to have too much feeding issues the locking mechanism makes it fit snugly the magazine is powered by two double-a batteries BB’s must be placed on the upper part of the magazine the magazine will work both in automatic and sound control feeding function these AG will give you a massive powerful field contains a player in the travel kneeling easy way our frittata and rate of fire is a hero suppressive fire these AG is also surprisingly accurate this review don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe for more content please click on interactive links I’ll see you next time and stay safe out there


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