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AK-47 airsoft loadout

AK-47 airsoft loadout

this is kayla from predator airsoft during review of my love it now my loadout consists of four primary things first the jg c pw ak-47 the tippmann US Army camera mess the BT battle-tested airsoft bulletproof shirt in the JLS 2010b autologic pistol dirt let’s review the protection this tippmann mask can resist bullets up to 700 FPS it has the ACU camo design which is really good for keeping you hidden metal the phone is very comfortable it’s very sturdy doesn’t come off easily the Kaiser it’s made out of sturdy ABS plastic with a little flexible plastic and fused with it on the strap can be pulled out by pulling it to there and to get out of the lens you just twist you twist the screws right there and then you open this and just pop f1’s next is the BT battle-tested padded shirt and this shirt covers your whole body except for your legs of course it’s really good protection the foam is extremely comfortable and durable see you own trip on you under here is some breathable flex fiber so you can breathe right now the pistol it’s a decent pistol shoots about 200 FPS takes for triple-a batteries it’s a pretty good pistol overall I’m better knowing our friend its beginners and then an AK just going to cost him 110 dollars off airsoft megastore calm it’s a really big dump full mile construction gear box is full metal the motor can send out to about a thousand rounds a minute the buttstock pistol grip and forward hand area is all rubberized so it’s very comfortable which is why it’s a contractor’s personal weapon the front sides are adjustable and the back sides are also adjustable if you use the right tool right here let’s get a closer before that so you just twist it on right there they’re just the front sight the magazine is a six-bedroom hi cap I like it very much and then the strap just came up a sign that is there my review of my airsoft gun loadout


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