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Ajaxcustoms Airsoft M4 for Zack in the 217

Ajaxcustoms Airsoft M4 for Zack in the 217

alright anyone’s going on this is Ajax with tactical airsoft supply and this is RAB with tactical airsoft supply my homie Ajax and I’m just going to enjoy a nice beverage right here I’m here to just do a review for Zachary’s gun that I just finished building this is a platform built on the G&G cm16 I went ahead and put an aps 10.

5 inch outer barrel this is a daniel defense 9.25 inch light rail by madbull I have a suppressor on here this is not you know he didn’t get this i just added it on it for looks as well as these sites and things like that it’s got the ASAP sling plate magpul style magpul m.

o.e stock this stock also has the cool little feature that if you do a full press on it you see that right here i went ahead and milled this with my skills it’s really nice because you know your batteries encased you don’t have to worry about your wires getting all scatter Wampus and the full press will take the stock off completely a side press will or slight press will allow you to lock in your positions and things like that so so that’s how that goes this rifle also has a Crytek hop-up that i installed with a with the flat hop ajax custom stainless steel barrel six point oh three millimeter other parts in it let me just read over this list real quick that hop-up it locks in place right yeah it’s got the good thing about the Crytek hop-up sits a rotary style hop up as you can see here right hand on this rotary style hop up here you got the dials with numbers on them so you can go and turn it and it’ll click on each position pretty easily seen here and those are great on the Crytek rifles Zachary wanted a lightweight platform and he wanted this non keymod rail and it gives you a really unique look so this is a pretty sick rifle when it’s all put together with all it’s a fancy do-dads on there went ahead and installed a sort of thing cylinder head which I we mill and I’ve got the atd pads I adhesive onto and glue on to the cylinder itself custom Milt cylinder are Ajax customs piston head spring spring guide bearings I’ve got a higher rate of fire motor in this gun a little more gamey than what I’m normally a custom to but it gives you a higher rate of fire on this rifle so we’ll go to choreograph it for you and we’re going to go ahead and just shoot that I got some tools in there should be right at 450 with the 20 grand bv so I’ve got a lot of money for 49 FPS with the 20 gram then o.

o if this also has our Ajax customs TCU I have a limited supply on these guys but it has a cool feature of doing semi-automatic and then on full auto its program for three round burst and if I need full auto I just hold the trigger down so this also has other programmable features such as active braking which is already working on this you can do rate of fire control and it’ll do lipo protection again I’ve only got a couple of those left if you’re interested just hit us up and you know I’ll see what I can do for you but this is your rifle here Zachary I hope you enjoy it serial number 282 I’ve built 282 of these guys personally and there’s more to come you know with all of all the years we’ve been airsofting you know all of the you know the lessons we’ve learned putting them into these rifles every day to make them more reliable more consistent more accurate than anything that you know I’ve ever come up against so so that’s that so here’s a yeah so congratulations to you and thanks for your support Yeah right on the Lizzie out of you don’t ways out of I summer 217 area code what’s up to 17 so anyway so if you need or we’re doing always try giveaway we got a bunch of cool stickers from Spartan imports things like that hit us up at red rocket on Instagram and yeah you guys want to see us do reviews on anything else just post down a little comments and you know we’ll let us know and we’ll try to get to it cool dimple all right Cheers peace out yo peace


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