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(Airsoft)Review / Présentation WELL MP5K Gbb / WELL G-55 Gbb (FR)

(Airsoft)Review / Présentation  WELL MP5K Gbb / WELL G-55 Gbb (FR)

everyone is meeting for a new review this time that of the mt 5 kg baby from the one where he presented it like this delivered with a 23-round charger or the metal of the movement also found the researchers additional 50 blow or metal also so this one is responsible for you doing a small test of shooting in reads then in crowd to do see them read and a good little nice kiki only problem there is no luck hide so I come back to me behind that is to say that when you are at the last balls the replica does not stop pulling you will continue to fire by m so to check by pulling that you can see coming out to exit the dikes so we go ambidextrous security but I will come back more closely so we let’s go we replied for the gallagher cope here in his life a bulb so really impressive samuel now we meet again near to the east here is closer on the fauna the review of the mp 5 kg baby of the one where we see if the box is really cheap non-shiny cardboard box hersov airsports gun g55 whose logo like that on the info card practices then the measure 320 mm it weighs 1 kg and 350 the power at the afp 0.

20 gram they tell us 330 fps 100 meters second so I spent them cros or saw that I played with several times unfortunately I wouldn’t have had the gopro no I couldn’t you present two videos with but having tested it goes to 250 270 depending on the gas knowing that I advise you to use a gas that is not too violent to this reply because it is still chip tanned papeete the internship puts gastro sec shooting distance 60 m same they smoked leaving under 30 meters you are sure to touch beyond the same we play with luck as usual 30 meters on one does not carry a good range of 30 meters 0 1 0 23 beyond it becomes a little heavy rods so original charger 22 bis I think I said 23 in the presentation but 22 we will go inside the box right away So when we open we come across a small booklet from owens information in Chinese I stretch is also loaded on thing tac tac tac tac tac toe as usual the manual kit in French which was added by the French shock we see there to package them in a slightly cheaper polystyrene foam but who knows not who is not serious you do his job protect her well due during transport knowing that people in wrap over which is not the case in all the boxes so there you have it so I distorted the original budget carton incorporate the two additional chargers that they are original not supplied with we only went this one and does not seem a small strap I’m not even sure a bio hour strap but to check so the chargers the charger 23 rounds or metal from head to ass the magazines 50 shots which are in fact 23 to which they grafted a small additionally one of the sudden we can go much further a flare will not go on the replica now so replica crowd abs I let you watch from closer So the ambidextrous safety semi burst firing modes as I said earlier so the reply as I say them stride b is very light the tactical handle at the front as well as the stock are empty as on the real one in order to lighten the replica as much as possible you have a screw thread at the front to add, if need be, a longer barrel actor are a silencer and is no risk at this that she is inside of it I had a strap attachment at the back the emir are adjustable I wanted to climb me I let wander as the horse’s atouar you can climb according to the taste of shooting personally I put her at the lowest the mother before her fx she does well its taf wide enough when your target and in the circle one well tuned touch car way there is no to the people on this machine so like i wanted to say based on 25 30 meters and voila you are sure to hit in front when the person is in the circle no problem on that so go and mark g55 as on the 6 mm caliber cardboard booze made in china on the other hand when we return the replica which is enough funny is that it is marked caliber 9 mm game it made me laugh the other co writes colleague charles was born will come back daf we will not come back to it sorry good for once the games you could be very smart so on top you will be able to fix a worried red hot for my in my opinion not necessarily necessary but you can do it on this small paw so there is the special mp5 rai you will be able to come know it here and put your would note if you want to but I have not specified the front sight is also metal just like internal I wanted to disassemble to show and to their concerns so we are going to come back to their operation so close to engage a charger must be armed reply back you let them go since you arm the room behind we started so we put two chargers we release you don’t have to do as I do, it can blow my mind Personally I make it slowly try to be do it your reply to you will look good so the room is open but that they go back seeing that if he had remained blocked in full degassing we’re going we’re going to dismantle the beast I showed you the inter so it’s not complicated to dismantle is that a system of pins so I have one here we go present a second here I use the first to help me with the game back jumped we got one left here to blow the event up So here we have dismantled the lower input hours spent at the front dismantle the handle like pin system noah you tickle my feet here the pp i put on we continue excuse me for this little parenthesis 3 million friends 30 million years so the last pin removed have to push the stab before so here are the four groups they are there the rear clash with the task seems the small handle so I’m not sure but the idol and me a kit a kit haha u200bu200blloris who must to be able to be fixed in place of this handle precisely on this fixing which is behind to check but it seems to me everything safe case for that of the rail for the red dot hill is well supplied I saw it in several stores on several online shops so on that I read no nonsense no info on the pins we them pins have the advantage of having a little by little roeulx without integrating this which really makes them well maintained once they are since they are the only ones fixing the replica was not it is not the separate pass in your fingers however you play with i’m wrong I will learn on our side we will necessarily separate the internal from the body go out alone hop so as I say he has by the cocking lever the friend of the mother before and back if not the magazine release button also some small parts otherwise it is that the drop the finishes are not bad to prepare us in mp five galaxies mp5 to galaxy in confession I have everything that this one is feeling that it remains of the decline so here is internal so it is not good complicated a metal block a small bridge you will pump feet here so I see the pump is theirs two triggers the firing pin the spring reminder rain will complicate as I tell them no to the people no water no of up on this replica quite simply a small plastic part which mimics a single gun that has advantages is an advantage so you don’t necessarily have the seal you don’t necessarily have the seal at all even around the barrel which you can add anyway by fiddling with a little joint with the people and on the other hand changing your specify your gun to pass by setting details as you wish given that there is no specific fingerprint nor to the people so it does will not interfere at all with your custom and their help knowing that could put m in cannes in longer lahrech paris if this one is marked so like that with a silencer to win still carried in fps in precision everything is possible in front of the assembly Is it so easy to show that this offense does not need to be forced? david rohde hop there we are clip and world eh ben here is replica go up so that not very expensive I had to pay it at the time when I bought them I think a 120 euros or something like that 120 euros and I found chargers currently on the chip, especially on the e-shop by name, in particular at phoenix air soft and three other well-known shocks so they want thirty euros overtime charges in five years of blows So here I think I said pretty much everything about this 170 fps replica a good kick afful the phenomenal if the negative point I haven’t talked about it on which you still have to hold the chargers have a problem on this replica is that the gas barriers enormously at the less I have the bowl of gold the three chargers that I was going to have one left not degassing yet when they arrived they were working worked fine but in the long run with the use of aged rear valves which are which have dried out therefore to plan in replacement of valves or even delay I have knowledge which have chargers that degass and out of the box it’s bad luck so provide valves to change directly it costs not excessively expensive it’s always boring when you buy a replica that it does not work michael right away that there so that is the only point negative that I can find there so here I leave you on it do not hesitate to ask me questions if i have not come on some point and jj will reply as soon as possible there you go ciao good evenings until next time


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