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Airsofters Literally Only Want One Thing And It’s DISGUSTING! 😡

Airsofters Literally Only Want One Thing And It’s DISGUSTING! 😡

(lively music) – [Narrator] Hello there. Hey, guys, how’s it goin’? Today I wanted to make a little bit of a different type of video for you. Things have been a bit strange lately. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus and quarantine around the world, Airsoft has sorta been put on hold.

I hope that everyone’s hangin’ in there and doin’ okay during these tough and unusual times. I’ve been doing my best to get caught-up on gameplay and edit all the footage that I’ve had from before the quarantine happened.

Currently I’m working on a video from the last time that I played Airsoft, before the quarantine happened, where I played Airsoft in Texas at a field called 878 Airsoft for Desert Fox Events. I’ve also been working on my HPA 240 Bravo build.

I know a lot of you guys in the comments have been asking about it, and I just wanna make sure that you don’t think I’ve been ignoring you. Unfortunately, as soon as I got all the parts for the build, quarantine happened, and I haven’t quite been able to field it or even get air for my tanks because everywhere that I would fill my tanks has been closed.

I definitely plan on uploading an entire video dedicated just to the 240 Bravo. I feel like there’s a lot of information that could be useful, specifically with how to mod the box mag and just overall general installation of the HPA system into the 240, which leads me to the main topic of why I’m posting this video: content.

There’s a ton of stuff that I’ve wanted to post on this channel for a long time that I just really haven’t gotten around to. And, to be honest, I’ve been a little bit afraid to because it’s different than just regular Airsoft gameplays, and wasn’t sure about how you guys would feel about me posting different stuff.

For example, Airsoft teching videos, Airsoft science. (Airsoft guns firing) – I’m out! – [Narrator] Fitness content, gaming stuff, you name it, basically whatever I’m into that I figured you guys would be into and kinda has to do with Airsoft.

Obviously this would still be in addition to the regular Airsoft gameplay videos that I post, but just a way to post more content that I think you guys would be interested in, slash, helpful. If you follow me on Instagram you probably notice that I post a lot more on there, and, well, it would just basically be what I post there.

There’s just a ton of content that I wanna make that I really haven’t made yet because, well, I’ve just been afraid. And I think that’s silly, the more I think about it. So let me know in the comments what you guys think about or how you feel about this, and I really don’t wanna sorta do the old switcheroo where if you guys really like the gameplays and only the gameplays, then that’s what I’ll make, but I feel like there’s a lotta stuff out there that I could make that you guys will really enjoy, and it’ll be really helpful.

I figured the best thing to do is to just get started and just start postin’ more stuff, as much, and as whenever often as I can, which is what I’m doing today by posting this video. Ideally my goal would be to post two videos a week, one Airsoft gameplay and a second video of some sort of other topic, like a teching video, or an LMG comparison, et cetera.

(Airsoft gun firing) – [Cameraman] Uh, oh. – We seem to have a problem. – [Cameraman] I think the 11 one killed it. – So, yeah, we seem to have a problem here with the gun. No pew. – [Cameraman] No pew.

– [Narrator] I have so many different ideas, but at the end of the day, I just wanna make sure it’s something that you guys would enjoy. And if not, no big deal. I’ll just make separate channels for that sort of stuff, and we can keep this Airsoft gameplay.

To wrap things, up, which brings me to my final topic, in case you guys didn’t know, I’m a huge gamer. I also love LMGs, and this past week, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game added my favorite Airsoft LMG, the 249.

Obviously, since we haven’t been able to play Airsoft in quite a while, I’ve had to get my LMG time in somehow. So to wrap things up, I’ll leave you guys with just a couple minutes of my favorite LMG on my favorite map shipment.

The 10 B 10 playlist is absolutely crazy, and I’ve been playin’ a lot of it. It can get a bit much sometimes with the RPG spam and the C4 across the map. (popping) (controller smacking) But to be honest, I’ve had more fun this past week playing this game than I’ve ever had in the past eight years, since, like, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2, World at War, Modern Warfare 1.

I mean, the glory days. Black Ops. Black Ops 1 was great too, but you know what I mean. So here’s just a few moments from some of the best moments that I captured over the last couple days on 10 V 10 shipment with the 249.

I hope everyone’s stayin’ safe out there, and I hope you guys enjoy the video.


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