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Airsoft Woodland Sniper Loadout

Airsoft Woodland Sniper Loadout

hey guys it’s Wolfram hky or soft and today I’m going to be doing a load out this is my airsoft woodland sniper load up um I’m going to start with the gear like ghillie suit and I’m going to go to the gun in the end so much stuff to go down right here alright so what I’m wearing is a condor woodland ghillie suit it comes in three pieces it’s got the pants at the bottom the shirt it’s just got like four or five buttons right here in to the top it’s like a headdress pretty much what it is just a boonie cap was just like geely stuff on the outside I guess so are ya what I have on the belt is just like a simple belt I guess and then I have a pouch on the Left where I hold magazines and bb’s and then I’m a right I’ve got a whole [ __ ] with my sidearm in it inside this little pouch here I’ve got two extra mags one mags RDM they going I’ve got this is plastic bag full of 45 grandbabies from our fiscal and point three grandbabies for about sniper allen key for my pistol / co2 and then to adjust the scope I have a little penny I guess you could use anything that’s useful so now I’m going to go to the sidearm I just have a little cheap crosman holster and then for the sidearm I have a six-hour sp2022 they take co2 it’s a really good gun that’s probably going to be doing how we’re probably going to be doing a review on this so it’s going to come out pretty soon take co2 cartridges it’s about 400 with point 12 but points11 will do with in this gun so that’s pretty much the sidearm now I guess I can go to my gun this is an echo on m28 i also want to mention the gun ramp geely wrap comes with Condor ghillie suit this gun i bought it for a hundred seventy dollars off airsoft GI it came with a bipod one bag is to lure I don’t have another right now but I usually put that in the pouch too and then my free gift I bought a ncstar 329 by 40 scope which works really good with this gun I don’t recommend going to probably six through nine discuss not bad deal with the airsoft BB and it drops off before you can never get the target over like three four five we’re really good with this gun so yeah uh echo on n 28 gun shoots like 440 with point2 so it’s pretty good for sniping i use point three and one she’s pretty hard it hurts a lot and what I missing no cheats my soul video I don’t matter so there’s my airsoft a woodland sniper loadout we’ll see you guys next time I mean we just cut it out


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