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Airsoft woodland loadout, ics m4,

Airsoft woodland loadout, ics m4,

YouTube it’s everything to load up trying to do a lot of but and some other stuff is getting repetitive I’m sorry I got some new stuff and I want to show you basically this isn’t complete this isn’t like an impression or anything it’s kind of similar to a swig load up not really so don’t might help me if there’s anything that’s not exactly legit because I know that it’s basically just awful it out the other thing there are things that I have coming for this which is going to be contact headset Peck box for them for some more American flag patches and an aim point maybe like like the scope have mine for it out but I might get an 8-point replica um here I have a woman combat shirt I love this thing it’s there are you there BTU sleeves like they’re still like well we’re gonna beat you but then this is like the Frog stuff and it’s like break dry nylon really it’s super comfortable um really nice devoted sweet hot magma plague and my blood type and a javelin or soft patch over there that’s that I wore to a war up in Rapid City um it was like a CQB war and it was nice worked real well whether I can smog I’m a woodland pants up here Sam belt that I always have just a regular pair of what used why me set those pants the nice life here I have my gun it’s an ICS and four came it was the commando version it had a short finish barrel that just that that’s just a barrel extension that I put on there it still has the plastic receiver when I get the metal one but that’s like $150 but it does not have a sling mount anywhere on the stock does not have a plateau back a back swing out so I just took some like cord wrapped around the buffer tube and hook that to it that’s so I could pick my one punch thing do some smoke grenades or abandon it some velcro to use as I can either put patches on or it’s just really comfy to put your face on when you’re using this thing it’s really nice this this is actually the only hike at the half but I put a Magpul onto it I could put electrical tape around some of that cord and just made a medic I think I put the other tape on the fur grip to pull it out um that’s that oh that’s a fork scope up there it’s actually crosshair for it 4x magnification I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to see you can kind of see the crossers in there but I really nice I’m getting new ones I’m getting some tan dad’s up here have my helmet it’s the same as always new color to it spray painted it Oh didi with tan flag on that side strobe there and vision out infidels strong patch right there and nothing on the back as you can see up here on my plate care here try a thump foam plates in it there’s my one point that one person that’s right there I’ve one two three four five six seven mags on it I have a buddy mag right here oh my few can see it with the shadow it’s right there it’s a Magus GPS buddy mag for anyone else that needs it I didn’t touch tools light batteries anything I think it was in there my shoulder pads I stood some fell crow in there so I didn’t put like lights nice I put my strobe on there I’m not using my helmet I’m just using my hat should I go into more detail on that unless I can um yeah that’s why I did that shoulder pads are removable but they’re really super comfy though I like them like that John had an impact you can see carabiner to the right format for magazines over here I have you’ve seen this before this is my my training grenade it’s just kind of cool real steel military training grenade I can’t my back right there which I have the straps going through there so I can use it as a backpack instead of it actually having it on my vest underneath of it there can’t really see oh well what else that’s about it for that I like that I like that Blake gear is really comfy boots it’s not original SWAT these are the best boots ever in my opinion I love these things I have a suggest getting them if you need some mechanics gloves and get Walmart for like 20 bucks yeah that Maggie that’s in the pouch I put on my belt and that’s just an extra that I don’t have a pouch for yet but we get anyone eventually I have it used to be an active one hat but I took off all the letters you can kind of see that remnants of it took it off and now my hat just a regular baseball cap nice I like it guys over here this these my protection they are they’re really thick like that is just hardcore right there the lenses are really really solid I cannot break them um they’re really comfy really nice nose piece I like him down the shields I think that’s about it for this it’s this is what I’m running right now I mean we live in like a big cedar for us so it works really well that’s about it any questions or whatever just put them down below you know the drill I have another video up when I get the new stuff it’s gonna be kind of nice to have and then I’ll have a video of me wearing all this stuff cuz I was going today but I got a really bad sunburn like a week ago and yeah it’s feeling really really bad and like I’m getting skin everywhere I don’t want to get it all over my gear so anyway go ahead and check out my other videos if you want


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