Home Airsoft Cheaters Wild Trigger – Sniper vs Anti-Sniper – Scopecam V1 – 26/01/2013

[Airsoft] Wild Trigger – Sniper vs Anti-Sniper – Scopecam V1 – 26/01/2013

[Airsoft] Wild Trigger – Sniper vs Anti-Sniper – Scopecam V1 – 26/01/2013

Where are they ? Two from our team went inside the house, don’t know their names. One by this door, the other on the left. Then I don’t know.. It seems there’s a sniper on the first floor, but… He is there, I saw him.

We should go to the hangar, to help them. Then, we could see what’s in the house.. And guide our people. There’s some guys on the balcony? Yeah, and my gun is down. Do you see someone ? Nah, I’m shooting randomly.

You said on the balcony ? Is there two of them ? No, no, Got the feeling that it come from 13ft starting from the left, Which one is this hangar ? Don’t know, it’s the first time for me. GUN OUT ! Well, time to rush like badasses ? (actually there is two of them, one at each end of the balcony) In this game, When we’re HIT, counter-snipe have to show their ID, count to 30, and draw a red tissu.

…30, 31, 32, 33, 34,… well time to stop I guess ? Wait, we’re gonna let the car pass , I’m going behind. You don’t want to climb on the car ? Bosco (M249): that’s what I wanted to do, but I may scratch his car ! Yeah, it’s better like that ^^.

.. Devil ! Behind me ! Behind the fence ! See, it’s one the left side. The door just closed. We see them, but we lack range. D’you come ? Go see there. Smells like shit. Don’t feel good, don’t feel good.

.. Two enemy on thez hill ! 2 guys, two sniper ! contact straight ahead, 12 o’clock ! There, I see one ! Sniper in the bushes ! Requesting medic at the car, hurry ! Shoots from behind ! On the right! Reloading ! Crap, we were near the end ! Yeah, I could feel the ambush coming.

.. !


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