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Airsoft – Western Arms PA-MAS G1S [ENG sub]

Airsoft – Western Arms PA-MAS G1S [ENG sub]

Hi everyone welcome to the Lair today we’ll talk about an old replica I’ve never made any overview of it but there’s been a written review on the blog for many years now it is about the MAS G1 from Western Arms I bought this Western Arms PA-MAS G1 in July 2012 I paid 339$ for it at the time it was about 270€ why is there a big SCW on the lid? well, simply because Western Arms is also known as Shibuya Custom Works some players call them exceptionnal some others rant because it’s made of “plastic” or say that it’s too expensive for “plastic” we’ll see it’s not ordinary “Tupperware” plastic! but first of all I’d like to thank mister Jean Réno because without him, WA wouldn’t have created this gun the Japanese are crazy about Jean Réno he is a mega-star in Japan and this gun was made after a movie he stared in, “the Crimson rivers” so a big thank you to Jean Réno for being such a star in Japan ! the original gun is a Beretta 92FS so it is the same users’ manual a BB-loader here insert BBs inside the tube and push with the rod a small sachet of BBs a safety tip and two Allen keys one for the hop-up adjustment and one to remove the decocking lever the replica comes in a plastic sachet I can’t believe it, it still smells! what stroke me when I unboxed this gun, is that it smelled as a real gun there’s still a faint smell it really smelled as if you’d put a real gun out of it’s box and it’s plastic! Well it weighs 1030 grams, almost like the real one so, what about this PA-MAS G1? “Pistolet Automatique – Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Etienne” model G1 made under Beretta licence the first guns were assembled in France but it was Beretta-made parts it was issued in 1989, firstly to Gendarmerie units and then progressively to every other military units 100,000 pistols were made and its debut were not very encouraging there were a few accidents in the US involving M9s the slide tended to break and there were a few accidents with PA-MAS in France the decocking lever would not stop the slide properly so GIAT (a former French weapon company) changed the alloy of the slide and reinforced the decocking lever hence the “S” stamped on the slide.

S for “sécurisé “or “secured” this is a heavy-weight carbon-black finish this is full ABS, but it is mixed with metal particles so the look of it is really nice the artificial light does not render its true beauty but you can find the written review on the blog, see the video description the stock panels have the MAS logo that’s awesome on the left side of the frame, “made under Beretta licence” on the right side, the model and real calibre and you can see the “S” here it is a bit too crisps it was stamped or engraved on the real guns, so it was not as crisp as on the replica it is really different from the quality of the original markings here is the magazine there’s a kind of plaque which can slide over the valve I don’t really know what its purpose is don’t hesitate to comment there’s a notch on each side so I suppose you can switch the mag catch side you can load 24 BBs here the gun is expensive, the mags are also expensive between 60 and 75$ apiece these are Japanese guns, so made of ABs, don’t use strong gases inside them HFC134a or 144a advised the recoil is not really strong some people don’t hesitate to use Ultrair, but if the gun breaks, don’t come complaining there’s a clue that it is a disguised Beretta 92FS the decocking lever doesn’t come back in firing position by itself as on the real MAS G1 that’s the big difference between an original Beretta and the MAS G1 classic sights here white dot on the front sight and a white “U” on the rear sight it is a very nice replica I haven’t used it much in game because I don’t want to dammage it maybe 5-6 times tops if you remember my pal Djé, he plays as a sniper and once I managed to hit him 40 metres away with this gun right in the ghillie, I was proud! notice the lanyard ring, so you don’t lose your “precious” on the field even if the gun is made of plastic, some parts are made of metal like the trigger, sear, slide lock,slide catch decocking lever and so on the field stripping is similar to the real gun push this button and rotate the slide lock now remove the slide what’s nice is that there’s an actual firing pin the hammer strikes it I don’t know if you can see it, but it moves to strike the valve remove the recoil spring and the spring guide and then the barrel the finish is really nice this is metal here and here is the hop-up adjusting screw there’s a small lump at the bottom to retain BBs this is a 6.

05mm barrel proprietary part, I don’t know if there are aftermarket parts available out of the box performances are not bad at all this is the nozzle the trigger action is really soft compared to the real gun even double action is easy to pull far away from the real deal the wall is very thin I’m done with this overview of the PA-MAS G1S from WA “the Crimson Rivers” edition, carbon-black finish once in a while I’ll do a video about an “oldie” that I own the shooting tests and complete review are available on the blog don’t hesitate to subscribe see you soon in the Lair xoxo


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