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Airsoft Wars…. Mission Briefing Game Surprise (funny)

Airsoft Wars…. Mission Briefing Game Surprise (funny)

alright in this video both teams were told to leave their primary weapons at the spawn points and then go meet up for the mission briefing little did we know what surprises lay ahead of us at this mission briefing if you can watch it to the end I recommend it huh each team will get one hangry alright he said talk about dango crucifixion let’s see this [ __ ] alright so we’ll use the Holy Hand Grenade first shaft I’ll take out the Holy pin wheel dance shall count to three no more no less I can accept that thou then proceeded to free if your home is right out at once the number free being the third number be reached then lovest thou hard i hover holy hand grenade of antioch towards light Oh whoo Oh would be norian night night just nothing oh yank renew our yeah I gave him the lines he didn’t practice it well enough anyway you take the holy hand grenade and you throw it at the enemy all right that’s the secondary objective if you’re within 20 feet of the leader of the other group he’s dead where I shoot the end they don’t have right now they’re all medics Simple Touch medics six of them you’re gonna wait what there is six of them on the field and there are simple touch medics you’re back in kill the leader with the holy hand grenade now they have to respawn and they’re just playing the game trying to destroy things alright do you roll the dice or is it all our betrayer is totally i’m sure i don’t roll nothing here right away okay let’s go back there’s no medicine a deal i yes like creeper team no no there’s six people on the field right now there’s that are not on your teams yeah 30 many other team on the feet of the AC you guys very good i use the sports oh my god gave you a promise that I giving you the story line I don’t believe in the plot so eastland Western forces have been fighting the fort since before Christmas at this point you’re trying to negotiate peace talks things are not going to go very well all right I’ve been wearing this way too long I think it’s light yeah it might be what oh that’s contact I say game steric you might want to go get your guns the [ __ ] right rocky Roe here we go 13


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