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Airsoft War: Summertime Sniping

Airsoft War: Summertime Sniping

on that mechanics for the win oh do we have comms as well oh yeah channel 12 no 12 open you ready hey just run guys rundle stop go go go shit compromised the bomb site move in we need reinforcements this is the balm tree right here you know hey don’t hit him they’re moving to bomb oh shit back on ok hit your hand ok okay back in move across the road shit really contact left side do one make you cross Oh hit back in he’s in here guys good job nice one pick back in keep watching that psych you know keep watching them no key no keep watching them spotless when you need more help at front guys that’s getting really hairy what whoa whoa gun hit okay oh I hit him oh gee get hit oh oh hit hit I’ll bleed out you got him a job how Jesus keep watching guys at front you know who this is is there an enemy at the blue palette is that enemy meets LeAnn buddy call it got one job piano well I’m gonna fall back get ready get ready here come come damn it to can’t shoot shoot okay I got one at least go ahead where was on the problem where’d you get shot from okay I’ll watch him watch it that way Jesus oh good shot again okay he moved he moved out of their guys be advised we have one enemy moving around your right side through the woods send a squad out to the woods on the right side hit back in I spin around can’t hold okay what’s up gum hit oh I wasn’t sure if you were hit or not I wasn’t sure if you were hit or not I just saw you walking oh oh just kill me there I know jack is this yours yes it is thank you yeah you got it back there bumblebee good game guys that was really hard LGBT to the bomb burden


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