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Airsoft War – Expectations vs Reality

Airsoft War – Expectations vs Reality

Airsoft Expectations vs Reality The Equipment Nice gear. Sorry bro… Stop them! They have the flag. They can’t escape. Roger. The Sniper. Job’s done. Return to the base. I have to send there somebody more capable.

The grenade Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit! Hey, you are not dead? Of course not. You didn’t hit us. We must hold this building. Defending the building Well done guys! Cover me! You will go to the right. You will take the left side.

You will cover the roof and you will go down to the cellar Is it clear? Yes sir! Is everything clear? I was shot over there once, I don’t want to go there again. Ok, so you will go there! But I’ve never been there before! I can’t go there! So you will go down! Where is it? To the cellar.

But I’m scared. So you two will go there together. And you two will go up. But can we change? But could I go with him? Ok, you all, you stay here and I will go everywhere. Building clearing The Fitness.

I’m in position. Enemy approaching. Minimi on 12 o’clock. I have a smoke. I have a smoke. I don’t like smoke. I can’t see anything. Where are you?


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