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Airsoft War – Ambush Adventures The Billet pt.1

Airsoft War – Ambush Adventures The Billet pt.1

you welcome to the Billy’s a site hosted by ambush adventures opened in 2015 and this is where it all weapons his old abandoned military barracks brings cqb airsoft to another level and if you like Call of Duty and Battlefield ambush adventures will bring you to a whole new world of gaming but not in a fluffy soft Disney sense of the words however can be emotional and he can be painful and it can hurt Oh careful right so we just arrived at the village we’ve got I fit bears ready and we’re about to get in there get geared up right so we’ll kick it up now we’ve got our fit bands on if we’re reset to zero see there are zero distance is also 0 we will see who win the ipad challenge and the loser will have to do a suicide run with a bunch of guys shooting episode they do without i fit bands reset back to zero and kitted up with all the gear and no idea we were ready to start the I food challenge guys the first game over I got shot in the head oh yeah painful oh yeah distance one point eight kilometers kilometers well you got two point four baby ah saw the time I spent walking back to the spawn let’s never get island oh there’s never look at a step slower steps look 2492 steps Dave we got steps is 3386 this isn’t bad i just someone’s gonna get shot yeah i just realized that the better i do and more likely i have to lose it the challenge haha anyway game 2 so at the beginning of game 2 I decided to take a different approach and go it alone and leaves Dave hanging around the toilets with a bunch of guys meanwhile I was strategically flanking the enemy whilst dave was looking for a place to put his feet up but now I am told at some point he did actually kill somebody before bravely running away you how is there asian right that’s the end of game to dancing the dialogue I I was you know the games master i managed to kill everyone with pretty much the right without diet or I died a couple of times but anyways hit the steps I got 5770 steps 5990 70 right distance 4.

1 kill Emma Pistons is 4.3 it’s not much in it I’m gonna come back in this one I think the tactic is just to die a lot easier in any way are you ready this is Blitzen hey p so after getting myself killed an AV Dave getting shot in the back of the head we were approached by a marshal who said really many Lots report ok no you’re being watched member the marshaling staff I’m not taking it you’ll be banned and you will be added to the band I feel India ok ok guys you can t really speak clean from now on and take everything p yeah over there cuz this that’s we don’t need to discuss it I’ve let you know yeah I feel now is going that’s how it’ll be okay i won’t say just need to be squeakily pianist snow cone on camera yeah yeah after one of us being wrongly accused of cheating and undecided as to which one of us it was we decided the best way to resolve it was by having a jewel this work gear I fit Khalid and if you’d like to watch part 2 hit the subscribe button now you can follow us in our adventures


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