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Airsoft vs Zombies

Airsoft vs Zombies

Sorry, we are late. Where is it exactly? We’ll be there in a minute. Have you already played there? Not yet. It’s a new airsoft field. It’s a former chemical storehouse. Oh man! Where is everybody? Well, I told them to wait for us.

They did not. They are already playing probably. I’m gonna find someone. I’m gonna have a piss. Hey! Where’s everybody? Are you playing already? What? Some problem? A jammed gun? What kind of place is this? I can’t reach anyone on the phone! Oh, shit, I pissed the hand.

So don’t touch me. And where is Mitch? Look! That’s John! And there are organizers. What happened to them? Where is Mitch? Run, run to the car. What we’re gonna do? We came to do some shooting, right? So let’s shoot! This is airsoft.

We have no chance. Shut up, and shoot. But if they are zombies, we have to shoot them in the head. Hit! Ha, after all they are airsofters. Aim at the head! Let’s hide! Where are they leaving ? Maybe to respawn.

Oh, shit, they really are on respawn. They’re returning fire. Oh really? And they are leaving the respawn. Get ready! Hit! It’s getting worse. Shoot semi! Zombie cheater. Even Zombies don’t like cheaters.

Hit! Medic! Medic! Crap! Revenge me. Be careful of knife kill and physical contact. The infection is transmitted by blood and saliva. How do you know that? Everybody knows that. Hit! My battery is out.

Take my gun. Dead man walking! Jacob is going to respawn. I can’t handle this. How much time do you have? Two minutes left. Where is he? I can’t see him. He should have been there. Jacob, where are you? Come to respawn, I repeat come to respawn.

Jacob! Come to respawn. I’m coming. I’m gonna die here. But not today. You can’t… …get physical… …during… …airsoft! Sorry, Marshall! Knife kill! What the hell… Knife kill! That’s crazy. Let’s go home.

The way to the car is clear. Hit! You are hit too! But I didn’t feel anything. The hit applies 3 meters from the explosion. Airsoft is fair – play. How much time do we have till the end? Last minute. It’s over man.


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