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Airsoft vs Reality

Airsoft vs Reality

hi this is an airsoft gun many of our software’s know many of our sauce Fosters hello people this is an airsoft gun and many of our software many of many dispute many not God trust R as many as many air suckers mmm phosphorus you know many dispute this gun they think that this is a fun yes and it is oh yeah oh man and have you ever thought about that that this gun was a real gun you know what can happen come on follow me follow me I will show me what can happen yeah I wish I had a real gun what what sorry stick yeah hey-oh but we are together we are setting together all right what’s up man so million children and then nobody’s watching I’m sorry Maggie Manny got a problem he hey listen to me there are two behind the wall and one mini-me in the window he is too far we’ll watch this 460 your son of a bitch I wish I had that real gun you are dead oh you already showed you first you got that this is no real you are little oh she fell off it idiot fucking cheater you that’s it thank you for your watching if you want to see our another video you can click here and if you want to see our previous video just click here yeah this previous you know we showed before that it oh I think yes that’s logic no it’s normal that we do something before we before dude it’s pretty okay now if you want to subscribe you can click here and know if you want to subscribe you just click you click here nah nah I logic so it’s boots pot no it’s open if you want to subscribe if you worry subscribe Scott there no no the sorry for our English as close as we are Boram Eastern is rod you know maybe you know Easter eggs you know no sorry we are from Eastern Europe thank you that we are from Eastern Europe because this turned aerobic brings you whatever you want in it yes is it yeah no is I miss yang so subscribe and no no no no don’t subscribe there now that is a stupid why no it’s not a subscriber and moji script cert off and subscribe subscribe subscribe ha ha I will edit it and it will be there no no no no no no no how will I did it an hour you


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