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Airsoft vs Reality 7 – Vietnam War

Airsoft vs Reality 7 – Vietnam War

What’s up guys! Let me introduce our new video.. What are you doing? I’m trying to introduce our new video. But this is the war movie, you must be more thug, you know like a thug life! Take this. But I’m trying to be soft because it is airsoft, you know? But it’s a war movie! You must be more rough.

Tough or rough? Shall I smoke? Yes, you have to smoke. Introduce the video! So… ladies and gentlemen, this is… More tough, tough! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a thug life. Hey you two morons! Why are you smoking on the field? Sorry.

Let’s watch the new video. The Drop Zone Don’t forget anything! Wait! Sorry. Sorry guys. One minute! Ok guys. Did you bring the water? These communists scums poisoned the wells. Sure. That’s good. Go! Oh shit! The Traps Holy shit! Hit! Aren’t you hit? No, it was too far.

Good trap, good guys. Ambush! Help! Take cover! Coordinates! Cover me! We need sixty. Retreat, it’s a trap. Call for airstrike! Pull back! Come here! The Tunnels. He’s there. I hate these explosions. That’s my grenade.

Hit! Shit, I’m deaf. Silly you, next time throw it later! Tunnel guys! Common! Luci, come here! Fire in the hole! The Cane. Common looser. Call your hit! Hey! What do you think you’re doing here? Get the hell out of here right now! Get out! You freaking scumbags.

Hello Mr. soldier Would you mind, if we smoke here? He’s a tough guy. It’s a real gun. This is tough life! I probably quit smoking. It’s not for me. Thug life! I quit smoking.


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