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Airsoft vs Reality 6

Airsoft vs Reality 6

Hi, what’s up guys? Look what I found. The airsoft radio station. Airsoft in the air. They play only cool summer hits. Listen. Brutal. I like these airsoft hits. What’s the name of the band? You know them? Commercial.

. Combination of airsoft and the WWII in one piece taking place in the special edition of Airsoft vs Reality 6. New video from BirnyX’s channel is available on YouTube. Watch it now. Ok, let’s watch it.

During defending we have Deathmatch and no grenades! Any questions? Hey guys, let’s wipe the floor with them! They are here already. The observation post will be here. And we will examine all this valley.

Czechoslowaks come closer from there. We will make a stand here. They are here already. F**k. Shit. They are already here. Roger that. Over. There we have seen the StuG. Forward! Be aware! Did you get it? Come on! Armor piercing.

.. Distance: 200 Roger that, lieutenant. PFC Muller, call the doctor. I’m comming. Death come for you. Gogogo! Let’s go inside! Go inside! Good. Defend it. Hit! Hit! Hit! F**k! No pyrotechnics! Who the f**k is throwing grenades? Stay down! I give up.

Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot! Cover the commander! More to the left. StuG on horizont. So, that’s it. I know it’s not the traditional airsoft vs reality, but I hope you like it. And if you don’t, still like it.

Like me. I don’t like it, but I liked it. What are you talking about? I’m talking about liking the video. Good. But what about subscribing? Don’t subscribe. What?! I mean, don’t forget to subscribe. I have to go, because I’m waiting for my colleague.

He is on the holiday now. Hopefully he will appear in the next part: The Jungle Warfare Edition. See you. What’s this? It’s a shit. It’s a bird shit. What does it mean this shit? What if the audience think, that I have a shitty face? Mr.

Cameraman, why don’t you clean your lens? Sorry, the video is over now. You can turn your TV and tablets off, but you don’t have to watch this. Mr. Cameraman listen to me. What do you mean with this lens? Why your lens are so shity? No, this is nature.

No, I can tell you what is nature. This is nature.


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