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Airsoft vs Reality 3

Airsoft vs Reality 3

Hello, hi! Hi! Hello! This is the airsoft bullet. And this is a real bullet. What’s the difference between airsoft and reality? Let’s see. See? Nothing. And now the real bullet. Can you see? Nothing…

It wasn’t very good example, but see the video. Who is covering the door? Nobody! You go there! They are comming. Who is covering the door? Nobody! You go there! They are comming. Hey! Why are you shooting at my car? You are not allowed to do it! You didn’t call the hit! But you didn’t hit me! No, no.

You didn’t call the hit! But you didn’t hit me! Move over! Look at this. Hit! Get out! There is one hidden at the creek. There is second in the bushes. Third one. And there is a sniper as well. Ok. Roger.

Hey. Stop! This way. There is sniper as well. I will take care about him. Need ammo? I’m running low. The last one. Prepare your self. Contact. Let them come. Need ammo? Running low. Last one. Here we go! Prepare yourself! Contact! Hey, let’s take a selfie.

This is a good one, look! Very nice. How long are we supposed to be here? No idea. Should I call the HQ? How long are we supposed to be here? Shit. Are you serious? We are supposed to be attacked within 2 hours.

We were told to get ready. Two hours? Any sweets? No, I have nothing. I’m dying for a strawberry cake. Me too. Is it lunch time already? For how long is the respawn? I don’t know. It’s like a half hour.

I’m going to respawn for a snack. Well, you’re still alive. Not any more. Me neither! I’m dead. Do you have a cigarette? No, I don’t smoke. I haven’t been smoking since morning. we are here for two days we ate everything yesterday and I’m dying to take a shower.

Shell I call HQ? Yes. Ok. Wait. Charlie, Lima here. We are holding the position. All clear. What’s next? Hold your position, I am sending a patrol immediately. Keep on till morning; they would come to replace you.

Oh, shit! I’m the last one. Hey! I’m the last one. Help me please! Over. Hey where are you? That’s it. Thank you for watching. Move over. Here is the place for credits. Lot of people were engaged in this video, so I would like to say thank you.

Especially this one. And now it’s time for… …subscribing. What are you doing? If you want to subscribe, just subscribe here. Upstairs. Here in this corner. There is a subscribe button, so please subscribe there.

If you like this video you can click on Like button. Credits! Like button? It’s like bottom. Yeah. If you want you can click on his bottom. You will probably subscribe to his… …to his airsoft bottom channel.

I don’t have any airsoft bottom channel. If you click on my bottom I will kick your ass! You broke the camera. No, camera broke me.


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