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Airsoft vs Reality 2

Airsoft vs Reality 2

Hi, it’s me again. Do you know, that first 30 seconds in the video are the most important? That’s why don’t switch us off. Hey man, what are you talking about? I’m trying to explain how it is important to keep on watching, because if you don’t attract the audience immediately, you can lose them.

What’s the time? Is it already 30 seconds? Hey man, shut up! Who wants to switch us off? Because we, because we, because we have a new video. So let’s watch it! Knife kill. I’m hit! What the.. Hit! Hit! Hit! Medic! No thanx! Medic, medic! Easy buddy, easy buddy.

Don’t worry. It’s ok, you will be alive. Stay with us. It will be fine. Needle. It will be fine. Ok, let’s go! Ok, I will hold it. Hey guys, you three. Mortar grenade, you are dead. You too. Really? You are in.

I’m hungry. I’ll be back. Hit! Hit! Hey! Hands up! I can’t, because I’m pissing. I’ve told you, hands up! I need to hold my d**k.. Don’t do that. That’s it. Thank you for watching. Maybe, you don’t know, where we are right now.

We are in the celery. Celery? Do you have some program about vegetables? Why? – Because celery is a vegetable. – Is it? – Yes a vegetable! You mean we are in the cellar. – Cellar? We are in the cellar.

We are hiding from the fans. And do you know why? Because we are succesfull and famous. And do you know why we are so successful? Because of my brilliant accent. I think. Hey. It’s despite your accent.

Yes. Nobody understands you. You know, I will edit it and nobody will understand you. No, no, no. I will edit it and nobody will understand at all. I’m good in post-processing so don’t play with me.

Don’t play with me. Because I’m good in before processing. So, where was I? What’s wrong with you? I’ve got a hole in my head. I’ve told you, I’m good in post-processing. I’ve got a problem. Sorry, I was just kidding.

Let me help you.


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