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Airsoft vs Paintball 4: Battle of the Marshal

Airsoft vs Paintball 4: Battle of the Marshal

The landing zone wasn’t secured and the pilot dropped us 500m north of the X – Ray. We are scattered and under fire. Sgt. Grannary, what’s your status? Holding possition. East corner. We are going inside.

Stop! Come back to us! They are too many. We are almost here. We can get there. No! Come back! It’s an order! Roger that. Sgt. Pilla is hit, sir! Is anyone hit? Sgt. Pilla. Grannary, talk to me. What’s his status? He is dead.

He’s dead. Pilla is dead, sir. This is general. We have an K.I.A. Sergeant Dominic Pilla. Mission goes on. We will get in and secure the samples. Don’t worry. We always accomplish the mission. Now what, sir? Ok than.

Ok guys. Let’s go! Sergeant Grannary? Yes, sir! Stay there. We are heading to you. We need covering fire. Roger that. We can do it. Let’s kick some ass! Call the HQ. We lost general. We need support! Let’s go inside! Gonna die here! Come to us! No, we stay here! We are waiting for reinforcements.

Ok, we are going inside. You stay there and secure the perimeter. Cheater! Hey! Am I late? I’m just going straight from the village, there was a carnival. And also the nice skirmish. Have you already started? How is it going? Where is the new weapon? Sir, they don’t call their hits! Are they crazy?! Are they shooting on Marshal? Cha! Cheater! Hey! Marshal is coming! What happend? Marshal is hit.

Disgusting. We lost general. Local Marshal is hit. Send the Highest Marshal. The Highest Marshal?! Covering fire! Argh! Hit! Move, move! Second floor! What’s your status? We need ammo. Enrico is down! I repeat.

Enrico is down. We are coming. Ok, I am hit. It’s quiet. Where are they? Crow.. Crow.. They are already in the trap. They won’t get out of here. On positions! Hurrah! Reinforcements. Finally. Where are the others? I am alone.

Who are you? I am from the 14. The 15 and 16 don’t answer back. What about the ammo? The Highest Marshal.


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