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Airsoft vs Paintball 2: Abandoned Outpost

Airsoft vs Paintball 2: Abandoned Outpost

Papers!? Shit! Get out! Drop your weapons! Get out! Hit! Charlie? Lima here. We were under attack, but it’s ok now. Two men lost, three terrorists eliminated. Ok, check the outpost in Corridor #15. We lost contact with them.

I don’t have enough men. You are the nearest. Ok. Henry, George, you will stay here. Bret, come with me. We have work to do. Do not go there! Why? Otherwise… …death come for ya. What?!? Daemons with big balls.

Who are you? Get out! Get out! Is anybody here? We are here. I don’t see anybody. Look! I’ve found something! What is this? Big balls. Charlie? Lima here. We found really strange. I haven’t seen it before.

Some kind of bullets or something. Did you find boys? No nobody. Come back to HQ. Ok, Roger. Let’s go home. Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit!


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