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Airsoft vs Corona – New airsoft rules and tactics

Airsoft vs Corona – New airsoft rules and tactics

Hey grandpa, how did people play airsoft during the COVID crisis? Oh those were some times. You are too young to remember it lad, but I do remember everything. Imagine a knife kill. Knife kill is a simple thing.

You get your knife and with it quietly touch an enemy. But now how are you supposed to do that, when you have to respect social distancing? Hit! Yeah I remember, we used to enter building like this. But during these times, we had to keep a safe distance.

Hit! There were specific rules for CQB. Max number of players was two persons for 10 square meters. Next number six. We also had to abide the strict hygienic rules. Ah let me tell you. Respawning sure was difficult.

You had to stay two meters away from everyone and there could only be a few people there in the first place. It could take a while just to find an empty spot. It was great being a sniper, cause you were alone and could keep your distance from others.

But sometimes it was a problem to recognize the target, because of the masks. Another thing… There was a time slot for the elderly from 9.00 to 11.00. We hated it. It’s time for seniors and retirees Don’t go so fast.

Hey you little punk! I hope the respawn is not upstairs. I think, I was here… …or… Hurry! Hurry! You are so fast! A lot of times we would find some kid, that had forgotten to leave. Hey brat, get out of here! We often had to improvised with various upgrades.

But back to the sniper. I forgot there was a catch. Your spotter could only be a family member. Oh, grandma! Hello my grandson! what cold! I bring a blanket for ya. That’s better . And i bring a cake.

Grandma! This one? Or this one? So MRE? What are you doing? What a lovely bird! Shoot him! Bastard. Very good. Very good. It was 2020 I think this crisis. But eventually everything ended up well. Hello people! We haven’t seen each other for a long time.

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