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(Airsoft) VP70 Tanio Koba

(Airsoft) VP70 Tanio Koba

Video of the VP70 Tanio Koba, a Japanese replica of the quite rare H&K VP70M The VP70 was an innovative gun ofthe 70s ; the first pistol to have a polymer frame It’s also one of the first pistol to have a very high capacity, of 18 cartridges But it has its problems : heavy trigger and lack of slide stop, notably The big button near the trigger is a safety, and not a mag release button like you could think You release the mag with the lever under the grip Of course the replica hasn’t a slide stop as well, meaning the gun continues shooting even without bbs The “M” model is sold with a stock which also acts as a holster The stock gives you a 2nd shooting mode, the 3 rounds burst It’s quite fun to use, and the rate of fire is important, but be careful of the cool down About 280 FPS (Ultra Predator Abbey and 0.

20 Airsoft Entrepot) Sorry no performance test, it’s too cold, I’ll make one as soon as possible The VP70 has weird sights with a particular front sight The finish is ok, the slide really gives a plastic feeling and the spring is weak The markings are here, but not realistic This button is a safety You unlock the magazine with this lever The trigger course is very long ; the trigger reset is short and it’s impossible to notice it.

.. Not great The stock is really nice to use though, and it’s very comfortable You can pull it out by pulling the lock like this Thanks for watching !


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